Astoria Social Book Club

Welcome to the home of the Astoria Social Book Club!

Over the past year and a half, the ASBC has grown from a meeting of a few friends to a monthly highlight for a group of more than twenty Astoria Socialites. Each month, one member volunteers to host the group while we discuss our book of choice and then anything else that comes up. As a general rule, everyone brings a bottle of wine and $5 to order food (or pay back our lovely host if they cooked!). The unofficial rule is that at the end of the night, there are zero bottles of wine left.

In order to ensure variety in books, between each meeting a genre is chosen and all members are invited to make suggestions for the following month’s selection. At the meeting itself, we hear a brief synopsis of each book and then vote for our favorite. For this reason, we invite anyone to join even if they have not read the book of the month, as you will get a say for the next time.

Sound like your cup of tea? Join the Facebook group or email us to be included in announcements for upcoming dates and locations.

See you next month!

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