It’s Alive…in the beginning!

April 13, 2015

One of our league organizers signing up darts players for the Spring '15 season at the Astoria Tavern

One of our league organizers signing up darts players for the Spring ’15 season at the Astoria Tavern

The idea of a darts league for the everyday player began in late 2014.  With many bars around town entertaining nightly play, it seemed like a nice idea to turn to a weekly league setting for those players that are either beginning or regular players looking for some competition.  After months of fine tuning, the concept of Astoria Social was born…

A league where darts players of all skill levels could compete in a social, friendly environment was introduced to local bar owners in Astoria during the Fall of 2014.  Our mission was to bring local Astorians together through sports and social activities.

The Monday night Astoria Social Darts league was set out to do just that.  Our Spring 2015 season consisted of the following bars: Astoria Tavern, Shillelagh Tavern, Irish Whiskey Bar, Sissy McGinty’s, Irish Rover, Doyles Corner, Rocky McBrides, Blackbirds, Front Toward Enemy, Daly’s Pub, The Quays

Each bar had its own drink specials and provided food for all competitors.  Darts matches consisted of up to 20 points, with individual and team games.  Some of the games include variations of 301, cricket and team 501, 701 and team cricket.  There are games for all players of all skill levels.  The season was scheduled for 8 weeks, with playoffs comprised of the top six teams.

On this night, we started off our Spring Season with our sign up event at Astoria Tavern.  We had over 60 people present to sign up for darts at their local bar, and generous drinks specials from the Astoria Tavern crew.  League members also played darts into the early morning hours, exhibiting the Astoria Social spirit of camaraderie and responsible drinking.  There is no better way to meet other Astorians than through Astoria Social activities and functions.

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