Division C All Stars F19

Rank NameTeamWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Total
1Chris Hollywood Dude Where's My Quays300983972161001902201521
2Vincent CiaccioWolfhound Hornets1331002402203381003201451
3Colin HeneghanWolfhound Hornets3603242361002001220
4Gina Joven Local Leftovers458951202962191188
5Moe Minhaz Dude Where's My Quays1001002611001002162001001177
6KarlaWolfhound Down and Darty2143202002201201074
7Billy Staples Dude Where's My Quays951001021903361921015
8John Minchala You Shall Not Passage35423698220908
9Aaron Prashad Local Leftovers115100120121312100868
10Dan Ober Passage Beers Before Bullseyes220208200100100828
11Bryan MulhallCronin Astoria Strong Style95233195140100763
12Nick Caputo Blackbird's Darty Deeds32098127100100745
13Joey DunneDude Where's My Quays2179530696714
14John Lee Local Leftovers972242009895714
15Greg MasunerCronin Astoria Strong Style354338692
16Greg McMahonLocal Leftovers125100220100121666
17AndyLocal Leftovers100120120200120660
18Jason AhemeSissy 3 Somes300100215615
19Mike SzmygaTavern Double Ones95203100200598
20Jonny Feeney Sissy 3 Somes100100292100592
21Scott Douglas Cronin Astoria Strong Style240236101577
22David HernandezPassage Beers Before Bullseyes340210550
23Chris GutierrezPassage Beers Before Bullseyes116212105100533
24Elyse Greenblatt Blackbird's Darty Deeds10796100220523
25Greg MeliWolfhound Down and Darty95100100200495
26Ariel Sissy 3 Somes198100195493
27VinitaWolfhound Hornets95193200488
28John Rosa Cronin Astoria Strong Style240120120480
29MikeWolfhound Hornets260195455
30Diego Kervabon Sissy 3 Somes120100218438
31JP MulhallCronin Astoria Strong Style100120215435
32Stephanie UsisDude Where's My Quays22095100415
33Max MosleyYou Shall Not Passage100100114100414
34Frankie DavidTavern Double Ones113197100410
35StephenWolfhound Down and Darty100133119352
36Flying EagleLocal Leftovers100138108346
37Demian FauntLocal Leftovers100120120340
38Shannon MurphyPassage Dart Breakers240100340
39Rory MurphyWolfhound Down and Darty340340
40Mike SpiteriYou Shall Not Passage100234334
41Alyssa DelSoldatoPassage Beers Before Bullseyes101108122331
42Bryan Evans Passage Beers Before Bullseyes10095133328
43JacobPassage Dart Breakers101100100301
44Josh DelsoldatoPassage Beers Before Bullseyes1009895293
45Jackie Preto Passage Dart Breakers192100292
46Kristin WardianBlackbird's Darty Deeds140140280
47Jennifer PeruginiWolfhound Hornets140100240
48Kristin JohnsonTavern Double Ones13496230
49Monica DelucaWolfhound Down and Darty104120224
50Ryan ChinYou Shall Not Passage12397220
51Jenny GDude Where's My Quays100106206
52Jose PolancoPassage Dart Breakers101100201
53HannahBlackbird's Darty Deeds10098198
54Jerry ChapmanTavern Double Ones198198
55Barry O'ReillySissy 3 Somes10097197
56CarolineYou Shall Not Passage197197
57Alexandra PerezBlackbird's Darty Deeds96100196
58Steven WinslowSissy 3 Somes140140
59Trevor GoriDude Where's My Quays120120
60Michael LipovacWolfhound Down and Darty120120
61Dan DotySissy 3 Somes115115
62Diana AlsipBlackbird's Darty Deeds112112
63Brad McGrathTavern Double Ones111111
64Sokyong YunBlackbird's Darty Deeds100100
65Eva BardunPassage Beers Before Bullseyes100100
66Vanessa BlackmanPassage Beers Before Bullseyes100100
67Sam SwansonPassage Dart Breakers100100
68Melvin CayasPassage Dart Breakers100100
69SajidPassage Dart Breakers100100
70Mary LuleyTavern Double Ones100100
71Kirstie TaylorWolfhound Hornets100100
72Chelsea MosleyYou Shall Not Passage100100
73BiancaYou Shall Not Passage9999
74Mike SalernoTavern Double Ones9797
75Miguel HWolfhound Hornets9696