Division C Schedule F19

19-9Wolfhound HornetsTavern Got The Ones19-2 Wolfhound Hornets
19-9Blackbird's Darty DeedsSissy Threesomes15-6 Sissy Threesomes
19-9Local LeftoversPassage Dart Breakers13-8 Local Leftovers
19-9Passage Beers Before BullseyesDude Where's My Quays11-10 Passage Beers Before Bullseyes
19-9You Shall Not PassageWolfhound Down and Darty16-5 Wolfhound Down and Darty
29-16Wolfhound HornetsPassage Beers Before Bullseyes
29-16Wolfhound Down and DartyLocal Leftovers
29-16Passage Dart BreakersCronin's Astoria Strong Style
29-16Sissy ThreesomesYou Shall Not Passage
29-16Tavern Got The OnesBlackbird's Darty Deeds
39-23Wolfhound HornetsDude Where's My Quays
39-23Cronin's Astoria Strong StyleWolfhound Down and Darty
39-23Passage Beers Before BullseyesLocal Leftovers
39-23You Shall Not PassagePassage Dart Breakers
39-23Sissy ThreesomesTavern Got The Ones
49-30Wolfhound Down and DartySissy Threesomes
49-30Dude Where's My QuaysBlackbird's Darty Deeds
49-30Local LeftoversCronin's Astoria Strong Style
49-30Passage Dart BreakersWolfhound Hornets
49-30Tavern Got The OnesYou Shall Not Passage
510-7Wolfhound Down and DartyDude Where's My Quays
510-7Blackbird's Darty DeedsWolfhound Hornets
510-7Local LeftoversTavern Got The Ones
510-7You Shall Not PassageCronin's Astoria Strong Style
510-7Sissy ThreesomesPassage Beers Before Bullseyes
610-14Wolfhound HornetsWolfhound Down and Darty
610-14Blackbird's Darty DeedsPassage Dart Breakers
610-14Cronin's Astoria Strong StylePassage Beers Before Bullseyes
610-14Local LeftoversSissy Threesomes
610-14Tavern Got The OnesDude Where's My Quays
710-21Cronin's Astoria Strong StyleWolfhound Hornets
710-21Dude Where's My QuaysSissy Threesomes
710-21Local LeftoversYou Shall Not Passage
710-21Passage Beers Before BullseyesBlackbird's Darty Deeds
710-21Tavern Got The OnesPassage Dart Breakers
810-28Wolfhound HornetsYou Shall Not Passage
810-28Wolfhound Down and DartyBlackbird's Darty Deeds
810-28Passage Beers Before BullseyesTavern Got The Ones
810-28Passage Dart BreakersDude Where's My Quays
810-28Sissy ThreesomesCronin's Astoria Strong Style
911-4Wolfhound Down and DartyPassage Beers Before Bullseyes
911-4Blackbird's Darty DeedsPassage Dart Breakers
911-4Dude Where's My QuaysLocal Leftovers
911-4You Shall Not PassageCronin's Astoria Strong Style
911-4Sissy ThreesomesWolfhound Hornets
1011-11Cronin's Astoria Strong StyleBlackbird's Darty Deeds
1011-11Dude Where's My QuaysYou Shall Not Passage
1011-11Passage Beers Before BullseyesLocal Leftovers
1011-11Passage Dart BreakersWolfhound Down and Darty
1011-11Tavern Got The OnesSissy Threesomes
1111-18Blackbird's Darty DeedsLocal Leftovers
1111-18Cronin's Astoria Strong StyleTavern Got The Ones
1111-18Dude Where's My QuaysWolfhound Down and Darty
1111-18Passage Dart BreakersWolfhound Hornets
1111-18You Shall Not PassagePassage Beers Before Bullseyes