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Division A | Division B

The dart games we will play are as follows:
301 Singles (Single In/Out, Double Out, Double In/Out)
Cricket singles (Points, No points)
701 - 4 person team (Double In/Double Out)
501 doubles (Double Out, Double In/Out)
Cricket doubles (Points)

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  • Cricket

    The Object: The object of the game is to “close” all your numbers (20 down through 15 and bulls-eye) and end up with more or equal points to your opponent. To close a number, you must hit three of that number.

    The Scoring: The scoreboard is drawn with the numbers 20 through 15 and bullseye written in descending order down the center of the board. Bullseye is usually abbreviated with a B (or C for cork, another term for the bullseye). Each dart that lands in any of the games numbers count toward closing that number. The thin outer ring counts as two of that number and is called a “double”. The thin inner ring counts as three of that number and is called a triple. Scoring for one dart is shown by placing a slash ( \ ) next to the number scored. Scoring for two is shown by placing an X next to the number scored. Scoring for three is shown by placing a circle next to the number to indicate it is closed. When three of a number is scored in any combination, it is closed.

    Points: After you close a number, if your opponent does not have the same number closed, any darts that land in that number count as points for you and are totaled on your side of the board. For example, you have your 18 closed and your opponent only has one 18. If you throw a triple 18, you now have 54 points added to any points you may have already scored. If your opponent now throws a triple 18, only two count to close the number. The third does not count for points because your 18 is already closed. If a player has all of their numbers closed including bull’s-eyes but has less points, that player has not yet won the game. He must throw enough points to be even or ahead of the opponent. If the only number the opponent has open is bull’s-eyes, then the player must throw extra bull’s-eyes at 25 points each (or 50 points for the double bulls-eye).

  • The ‘01’ Games

    The Object: The game play starts with a score of 301, 501, or 701. The object is to get to exactly zero by throwing rounds of three darts and subtracting the sum of those darts from your current score. These games will be played as “double out”, which means you must hit a double that makes your score exactly zero to win the game.
    For example, if you have 32 points left, you must hit a double sixteen with your first scoring dart to win. If you miss the double sixteen and hit a single eight, you now have 24 points left and need a double twelve to win. Lets say that now you score 23 points with your remaining two darts. You have “busted” because you only have 1 point and there is no way to throw half of 1. When you bust, all darts you threw in that round do not count and your turn is over. You also bust if you end up with less than zero or if you hit exactly zero but your last dart was not a double.

    The Scoring: The agreed upon starting score of the game is written at the top center of the score board (ie: 301) with a vertical line drawn down the center of score board. After each round, the total points thrown is written on the board along with the remaining score on that player/team’s side of the board. A score of 100 is called a “ton” and is written on the board as a “T”. Scores over 100 are called “ton” plus the rest that was thrown. For example a score of 120 would be called “a ton twenty” and would be written on the board “2T0″.

  • All Star Points

    In 01 games, any round above a 95 counts as so many All Star points. Thus, a round of 120 counts as 120 All Star points. You keep track of these in the notes section of the scoresheet next to the players name.

    For Cricket, All Star points are computed as follows:

    Round of 5 - 100

    Round of 6- 120   3 corks- 120

    Round of 7- 140   4 corks- 140

    Round of 8- 160   5 corks- 160

    Round of 9- 180   6 corks- 180

    3 corks and a triple- 160 All Star points

    4 corks and a triple- 180 All Star points