Below are the guidelines for our 2017 winter darts season.  These rules have been promulgated based upon the best interest for all league members.  Some rules have been agreed upon by a majority of the dart captains on 6/21/16.

  • The Basics

    All games are played on Monday nights. Our season consists of ten weeks, with a possible three weeks of playoffs in our post season. Standings are determined by points. Each week, our matches will result in a combined 21 points. As listed below, we now have six rounds of play.

    Start times for all Monday nights are 7:15PM. You do not have to wait for the minimum four players to arrive-captains can agree to start the match before the full team has arrived.

    Each team plays ten weekly contests, with five of them at their home bar.

    Scoresheets have been provided by the league and left for each team at the start of week 1. If teams would like more scoresheets, kindly let the league know and we will provide you with more copies.

  • Roster size

    All rosters must be a minimum of six players.
    You may add/drop through the halfway point of the season (week 5). (Note: “drop” is used for players who are physically unable to play or have relocated.)

  • Winter 2017 Scoresheet

    Alterations to the scoresheet have been put into effect, effective 1/23/17. Our games are as follows:

    Round 1: 301 single out (A); 301 double out (A); 501 double out (H); 501 double in/out (H)
    Round 2: cricket no points (A); cricket points (A); cricket no points (H); cricket points (H)
    Round 3: 601 3 v 3 double out (A)
    Round 4: 501 doubles double in/out (H); 501 doubles double out (A)
    Round 5: cricket doubles (H); cricket doubles (A)
    Round 6: 601 3 v 3 double in/out (H)

    Home teams must send their scoresheets in within 24 hours of the match. Please write legible to ensure accuracy on the website. Our weekly team points and all star points will be posted within a week of the matches so teams know where they stand.

  • Scorekeeping

    The home team is responsible for the scorekeeping of all matchups. Captains agreed that, since this is a social league, the strict rules from other leagues will not be mandated but will be used as a guideline if necessary.

    All teams are encouraged to have a scorekeeper who can keep up with the matches. Some teams have been using dartbot, DartConnect or other electronic scorekeeper apps for assistance, which is encouraged but not mandatory.

  • Weekly rules

    • Players can play a MAX of 5 games a night unless your team only has 4 players that night (then they may play six matches).

    ALL players must play at least TWO matches a week.

    ALL players must play in either 601 double out (round 3) or 601 double in/out (round 6) if you have six players or less. If you have more than six players, both 601 games should have different players.

    Players arriving late: If your team is shorthanded but knows people are on their way, they can fill in names for the first two rounds and go back to those games up until 601 double out (round 3) begins. Once 601 double out (round 3) begins, the games that were not played are forfeited. For 601 double out (round 3), you may add a late arriving player to your team mid game BUT it must be the next player to arrive from your team and they cannot warm up with practice throws. (ex: 3 on 2 for 601-the team with 2 must skip a turn in the 3rd spot until their fourth player arrives, at which point that player gets slotted in to that 3rd spot once their turn comes around in the rotation)

    • Teams CAN NOT use substitute or non roster players. In the event a team uses/used a non-roster player, any and all games that player played in will be deemed a loss. For purposes of this rule, a non-rostered player is identified as one who has not signed up in either the appropriate manner or up to the time of the matchup.

    • Players can only play once per round. Under no circumstance can a player play twice or more in a single round.

  • All Star Points

    All star points remain the same, with the following rounds qualifying for all star points:

    • round of 5 in cricket (95 points), round of 6 (120), round of 7 (140), round of 8 (160), round of 9 (180)
    • in an 01 game, any round of 95 and higher.
    • three bullseyes in a round (c3=120), four bullseyes (140), five bullseyes (160), six bullseyes (180)
    • any 80+ check in or check out in an 01 game. (check in all star points are awarded for any 01 double in/out games where a team opens)

    The top 16 all star accumulators will play in a singles tournament at the end of the season. (DATE and TIME TBA)

  • Playoffs

    We have divided the league into two divisions of nine teams. The top four teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs. Total points determine the standings, with team wins the tiebreaker. In the event two or more teams are still tied, head to head points amongst the teams tied will determine the playoff seeds.

    Playoff eligibility: a player MUST play a minimum of half of the season’s matches. For winter ’17, that requires a player to play a minimum of 5 weeks to qualify for the post season.

  • Rescheduled Games/Forfeits

    Our league is a Monday night league, meaning all teams are expected to play on Monday nights. We do not like to have teams forfeit-however, the situation has come up where a team is deemed a forfeit by the league.

    A team is expected to play EVEN IF THEY DO NOT HAVE FOUR PEOPLE. Teams can play with as few as two players.

    If no one from a team is present at their scheduled matchup by 7:30, the team that is at the bar is to notify the league that no one is present from the other team. At the time, the league will look into the absent teams whereabouts.

    If a team is not present by 7:45PM, their absence results in a forfeit loss. At that time, the team that is ready and able to play will receive 16 points. The team that has failed to show will receive 0 points.

  • Sportsmanship

    ALL league members are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship. That requires, at a minimum shaking hands with the other team after game(s) and not offending players on the other team. In the event a player is not acting in accordance with this rule, please notify the league so we may look into the issue.

  • League Communications

    We communicate with our league members through social media and via email. We share all photos provided to the league on instragram (@astoriasocialdarts) and on Facebook (Astoria Social Darts). In addition, we will occasionally send out league emails to the email addresses provided at signups. We also communicate through the captains, who are expected to disseminate the information provided to their teams.