The Quays

4502 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 204-8435

The Quays bar is located on 45th street and 30 avenue. It is pronounced ‘the Keys’. The cozy and friendly setting is home to a very energetic and active bar with different events taking place nearly every night of the week. The bar is a staple of the local Astoria music scene with live bands every Sunday and Friday along with open mic every Thursday night. Irish music Sundays take place usually once a month and are quickly becoming a crowd favorite. The Quays has numerous darts teams for all levels, a softball team and a soccer team with an excellent selection of beverages to wash down the post game highs or lows!

Quays Deez Nutz Roster

Carlos Mercado
Mike Saponara
Irina Lyutkova
Yousef Darwish
Don Ganley
Bobby Fantone
Mitch Brooker
Nick Kusic

Dude Where's My Quay's Roster

Joey Dunne
Moe Minhaz
Steph Usis
Chris Hollywood
Sandra Mattessich