Fall 2018 Kickball Schedule

9/136:30 PMAGood Will BuntingAquaballics16-0
9/136:30 PMBNight of the Living RedDwight's Schrait Schruters2-4
9/137:30 PM ABunts Upon a TimeRainballers2-29
9/137:30 PMBBlack Mambas Bay Bay Run Differential2-5
9/138:30 PM APitches Be CrazyBlue Ballers 11-12
9/138:30 PM BUnsolicited Kick PicsLime Time8-5
9/206:30 PM ABlue BallersUnsolicited Kick Pics
9/20 6:30 PM BPitches Be CrazyBunts Upon a Time
9/207:30 PM ANight of the Living RedGood Will Bunting
9/20 7:30 PM BRun DifferentialAquaballics
9/208:30 PM ADwight's Schtrait SchrutersBlack Mambas Bay Bay
9/20 8:30 PM BLime TimeRainballers
9/27 6:30 PM ALime TimeRun Differential
9/276:30 PM BRainballersBlack Mambas Bay Bay
9/277:30 PM AGood Will BuntingPitches Be Crazy
9/277:30 PM BDwight's Schtrait SchrutersBlue Ballers
9/278:30 PM ABunts Upon a TimeNight of the Living Red
9/278:30 PM BAquaballicsUnsolicited Kick Pics
10/46:30 PMAAquaballicsDwight's Schtrait Schruters
10/46:30 PM BNight of the Living RedLime Time
10/47:30 PM ABlue BallersRainballers
10/47:30 PM BBlack Mambas Bay BayPitches Be Crazy
10/48:30 PM AUnsolicited Kick PicsRun Differential
10/48:30 PM BBunts Upon a TimeGood Will Bunting
10/116:30 PM APitches Be CrazyUnsolicited Kick Pics
10/116:30 PM BBlue BallersBunts Upon a Time
10/117:30 PMALime TimeGood Will Bunting
10/117:30 PM BRainballersAquaballics
10/118:30 PMANight of the Living RedBlack Mambas Bay Bay
10/118:30 PM BRun DifferentialDwight's Schtrait Schruters
10/186:30 PMARainballersRun Differential
10/186:30 PMBGood Will BuntingBlack Mambas Bay Bay
10/187:30 PM ALime TimeBunts Upon a Time
10/187:30 PM BNight of the Living RedPitches Be Crazy
10/188:30 PMAAquaballicsBlue Ballers
10/188:30 PM BUnsolicited Kick PicsDwight's Schtrait Schruters
10/256:30 PM ADwight's Schtrait SchrutersLime Time
10/256:30 PM BNight of the Living RedUnsolicited Kick Pics
10/257:30 PM ABlack Mambas Bay BayAquaballics
10/257:30 PM BBunts Upon a TimeRun Differential
10/258:30 PM A Pitches Be CrazyRainballers
10/258:30 PMBBlue BallersGood Will Bunting
11/16:30 PM A4th Seed5th Seed
11/17:30 PMA1st SeedWinner of 6:30
11/17:30 PMB2nd Seed3rd Seed
11/18:30 PM AWinner of 7:30 AWinner of 7:30 B