Welcome to the best softball league in Astoria! Astoria Social is a co-ed social softball league whose mission is to bring locals together and provide a fun atmosphere to play. Whether you’re signing up with friends, family, coworkers, or by yourself Astoria Social has something to offer for everyone! We play Spring, Summer, and Fall giving you lots of chances to have fun and meet great people.

Week 8 Recaps

Let's start off by giving some love to the New World Outkasts. They were the sole undefeated team this season, finishing 7-0 and securing the top overall seed in ... more

Week 7 Recaps

  One week remaining in the 2018 spring regular season. As indicated on Faceboook, we have begun the summer softball signup process. You can go to our ... more

Week 5 Recaps

Greener with the Scenery After a late night of partying, (HBD Ian) the SOP's continue their great season, defeating I'd Hit That by the score of 12-3 in a ... more

Week 4 Recaps

Let me start this off by thanking Astros, I'd Hit that and the SOPs for assisting with the fields. The end result of our efforts created playable conditions ... more