Spring 2015 Schedule

Below is our 2015 Astoria Social Spring 2015 schedule. All games are played at Whitey Ford Field. (located on 2nd Street, north of 26th Ave.) Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Rainouts will be announced on Facebook and twitter at least one and a half hours prior to game time, and all captains will be notified. Makeup games will be added to the schedule based upon field availability.

WeekDateTimeAway TeamHome TeamNotesResult
14/25/15-Saturday1:15 PMPitchSlapGot the Runs16-3 PitchSlap
14/25/15-Saturday3:00 PMSmokin' BuntsHome Rum7-3 Home Rum
14/25/15-Saturday4:45 PMGrape DutchesBad News Beers11-3 Bad News Beers
14/25/15-Saturday6:30 PMPretzelsSOPS12-5 Pretzels (8 innings)
14/26/15-Sunday11:30 AMJTFTIsotopes19-6 JTFT
14/26/15-Sunday1:00 PMIsotopesJTFT13-7 JTFT
25/2/15-Saturday1:15 PMJTFTSmokin' Bunts24-7 JTFT
25/2/15-Saturday3:00 PMPretzelsPitchslap18-13 Pretzels
25/2/15-Saturday4:45 PMSOPSBad News Beers22-12 SOPs
25/2/15-Saturday6:30 PMGot the RunsIsotopes13-11 Got the Runs-suspended game
25/3/15-Sunday11:30AMHome RumGrape Dutches13-12 Dutches (8 innings)
25/3/15-Sunday1:00 PMGrape DutchesHome Rum18-1 Dutches
35/9/15-Saturday1:15 PMHome RumPitchSlaprescheduled at captains request
35/9/15-Saturday3:00 PMSmokin' BuntsGrape Dutches10-3 Dutches
35/9/15-Saturday4:45 PMGot the RunsSOPs9-7 Got the Runs
35/9/15-Saturday6:30 PMSOPsGot the Runs9-7 Got the Runs
35/10/15-Sunday11:30 AMBad News BeersIsotopesrescheduled to week 7 @ 5PM
35/11/15-Monday6:15 PMPretzelsJTFT9-8 JTFT
45/16/15-Saturday1:15 PMPretzelsBad News Beers14-7 Pretzels
45/16/15-Saturday3:00 PMBad News BeersPretzels8-4 Pretzels
45/16/15-Saturday4:45 PMGrape DutchesGot the Runs11-5 Got the Runs
45/16/15-Saturday6:30 PMJTFTHome Rum12-7 JTFT
45/17/15-Sunday11:00 AMSOPSSmokin' Bunts14-2 SOPs
45/17/15-Sunday12:30 PMPitchSlapIsotopes9-8 Isotopes
55/30/15-Saturday1:00 PMBad News BeersJTFT19-10 JTFT
55/30/15-Saturday2:20PMGrape DutchesPretzels5-3 Pretzels
55/30/15-Saturday3:40PMGot the RunsHome RumGot the Runs (forfeit)-9-0
55/30/15-Saturday4:45PMGot the RunsIsotopesresume bottom 6; from earlier game14-13 Isotopes
55/30/15-Saturday5:15PMIsotopesSOPs20-9 SOP's
55/31/15-Sunday11:00 AMSmokin BuntsPitchslap6-5 Smokin' Bunts
55/31/15-Sunday12:30 PMPitchslapSmokin' Bunts15-12 Pitchslap
66/6/15-Saturday1:00 PMPretzelsHome Rum5-3 Pretzels
66/6/15-Saturday2:20 PMGot the RunsBad New Beers8-7 Bad News Beers
66/6/15-Saturday3:40 PMPitchslapJTFT6-2 Pitchslap
66/6/15-Saturday5:00 PMSmokin BuntsIsotopesIsotopes via forfeit
66/6/15-Saturday6:30 PMIsotopesSmokin BuntsIsotopes vis forfeit
66/7/15-Sunday11:00 AMGrape DutchesSOPS15-14 SOP's
66/7/15-Sunday12:30 PMSOPSGrape Dutches19-18 Grape Dutches
76/13/15-Saturday1:00 PMSOPsHome Rum
76/13/15-Saturday2:20 PMSmokin BuntsPretzels
76/13/15-Saturday3:40 PMPitchslapIsotopes
76/13/15-Saturday5:00 PMBad News BeersIsotopesmakeup game from week 3
76/13/15-Saturday6:20 PMGrape DutchesBad News Beers
76/14/15-Sunday11:00 AMJTFTGot the Runs
76/14/15-Sunday12:30 PMGot the RunsJTFT
86/20/15-Saturday1:00 PMJTFTGrape Dutches
86/20/15-Saturday2:20 PMSOPsIsotopes
86/20/15-Saturday3:40 PMSmokin BuntsGot the Runs
86/20/15-Saturday5:00 PMPretzelsPitchslap
86/20/15-Saturday6:30 PMPitchslapPretzels
86/21/15-Sunday11:00 AMHome RumBad News Beers
86/21/15-Sunday12:30 PMBad News BeersHome Rum