Spring 2015 Standings

Below are the current standings for the 2015 spring Astoria Social Softball season. Our playoff structure is as follows:
-The top 4 teams make the playoffs, with the highest seed having home field advantage and facing the lowest seed. The other two teams will play, with the second seed having home field advantage. After both games, the winning teams will face off for the 2015 Astoria Social Softball championship.

**Tiebreaker-head to head record. If multiple teams are tied, record against opponents with the same record is the first tiebreaker. Thereafter, all ties are decided by overall points during the season.***

Team NameWinsLossesRuns ScoredRuns Against
Grape Dutches649976
Got the Runs556278
Bad News Beers375273
Home Rum373771
Smokin' Bunts193996