2015 Summer Schedule

Below is the 2015 Summer softball schedule. There are five games scheduled for Saturdays, and two games scheduled for Sundays, per week. Our season consists of seven weeks. Each team will play ten (10) regular season games. Please note that the last two games listed (JTFT vs Grape Dutches/Isotopes vs Pretzels) will be scheduled either on a Monday night (6:30PM start time) or early Saturday, depending on field usage.

***Week 1 7/11/15 games will be played at Queensbridge Park, located at Vernon Blvd. & 41st Avenue, LIC 11101. All other games will be played at Whitey Ford Field in Astoria, located at 26th Ave. and 2nd. Street)

17/11/15-1:00PMBad News BeersJTFTJTFT 19-6
17/11/15-2:20PMPretzelsBad News BeersPretzels 4-3
17/11/15-3:40PMPitchslapPretzelsPretzels via forfeit (7-0)
17/11/15-5:00PMSoftballsPitchslapPitchslap 15-6
17/11/15-6:20PMGot the RunsSoftballs7-6 Got the Runs
17/12/15-11:00AMGrape DutchesHome Rums22-5 Grape Dutches
17/12/15-12:30PMSOP'sIsotopes17-9 Isotopes
27/18/15-1:00PMBad News BeersSoftballs7-4 Bad News Beers
27/18/15-2:20PMGot the RunsPretzels16-2 Pretzels
27/18/15-3:40PMGrape DutchesGot the Runs16-3 Grape Dutches
27/18/15-5:00PMSOP'sGrape Dutches7-4 Grape Dutches
27/18/15-6:20PMPitchslapIsotopes6-5 Isotopes
27/19/15-11:00AMJTFTHome Rums22-3 JTFT
27/19/15-12:30PMHome RumsJTFT9-7 JTFT
37/25/15-1:00PMIsotopesGrape Dutches19-10 Grape Dutches
37/25/15-2:20PMBad News BeersIsotopes19-4 Isotopes
37/25/15-3:40PMHome RumsPitchslap23-3 Pitchslap
37/25/15-5:00PMPitchslapGot the Runs8-7 Pitchslap
37/25/15-6:20PMJTFTPretzels10-6 JTFT
37/26/15-11:00AMSoftballsSOPS11-8 Soft Balls
37/26/15-12:30PMSOPSSoftballs9-7 Soft Balls
48/1/15-1:00PMPretzelsHome Rum19-9 Pretzels
48/1/15-2:20PMGot the RunsIsotopes10-9 Isotopes
48/1/15-3:40PMIsotopesSoftballs19-3 Isotopes
48/1/15-5:00PMGrape DutchesPitchslap11-3 Grape Dutches
48/1/15-6:20PMPitchslapGrape Dutches5-2 Grape Dutches
48/2/15-11:00AMBad News BeersSOPs12-7 Bad News Beers
48/2/15-12:30PMSOPsJTFT7-2 SOPs
58/8/15-1:00PMPitchslapBad News Beers14-13 BNB
58/8/15-2:20PMHome RumsGot the Runs7-5 Got the Runs
58/8/15-3:40PMGot the RunsJTFT11-5 JTFT
58/8/15-5:00PMJTFTIsotopes8-6 Isotopes
58/8/15-6:20PMSOPsPretzels6-4 SOPs
58/9/15-12:30PMGrape DutchesSoftballs19-7 Grape Dutches
68/15/15-1:00PMIsotopesHome Rums14-3 Isotopes
68/15/15-2:20PMHome RumsSOPs11-6 SOPs
68/15/15-3:40PMGrape DutchesPretzels13-9 Grape Dutches
68/15/15-5:00PMPretzelsSoftballs13-6 Pretzels
68/15/15-6:20PMJTFTPitchslap13-11 JTFT
68/16/15-11:00AMGot the RunsBad News Beers9-7 Got the Runs
68/16/15-12:30PMBad News BeersGot the Runs9-7 Got the Runs
78/22/15-1:00PMBad News BeersGrape Dutches
78/22/15-2:20PMHome RumsBad News Beers
78/22/15-3:40PMSoftballsHome Rums
78/22/15-5:00PMJTFT Softballs
78/23/15-11:00AMGot the RunsSOPs
MONDAY (or weekend depending on schedule)TBAJTFTGrape Dutches10-5 JTFT
MONDAY (or weekend depending on schedule)TBAIsotopesPretzels12-11 Pretzels