Fall 2016 schedule

Below is our 2016 Fall schedule!  Game times are a bit different this season.  We start Saturdays at 10AM, with games spaced out by an hour and half.  This will afford games a bit more time, and help to assure games start on time.  Seven Saturday games, with each team having one weeknight game.  We have the permit on Tuesday nights, so games will begin at 6:45PM.

Like last season, the tiebreaker is head to head, followed by runs against, followed by run differential.

Top six teams make the playoffs!  The playoffs take place on Saturday, 11/5

All games are at Whitey Ford field.  In the unfortunate event of in climate weather, makeup games will be scheduled for either weeknights or Sundays at the leagues discretion and direction.

1-9/1010AMGrape DutchesBooze on First16-8 Grape Dutches
1-9/1011:30AMAstrosPitchslap11-9 Astros
1-9/101:00PMBeer View MirrorsSoft Balls7-4 Beer View Mirrors
1-9/102:30PMI'd Hit ThatAlaskan Spear Throwers12-5 I'd Hit That
1-9/104:00PMBad News BeersNew World Outkasts9-7 New World Outkasts
1-9/105:30PMSOPsGold Label21-10 SOPs
1-9/106:45PMGot the RunsIsotopes10-7 Isotopes
1-9/13-Tuesday6:45PMUpper DeckersJTFT15-14 JTFT
2-9/1710AMNew World OutkastsI'd Hit That14-12 New World Outkasts
2-9/1711:30AMGot the RunsGold Label7-6 Got the Runs
2-9/171:00PMBooze on FirstUpper Deckers6-5 Upper Deckers
2-9/172:30PMJTFTBad News Beers21-20 Bad News Beers
2-9/174:00PMPitchslapBeer View Mirrors16-3 Pitchslap
2-9/175:30PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersSoft Balls13-1 Alaskan Spear Throwers
2-9/176:45PMAstrosIsotopes11-7 Astros
2-9/20 Tuesday6:45PMGrape DutchesSOPs13-6 Grape Dutches
3-9/2410AMJTFTAstros8-7 JTFT
3-9/2411:30AMAlaskan Spear ThrowersBooze on First11-6 Alaskan Spear Throwers
3-9/241:00PMSOPsBad News Beers11-4 Bad News Beers
3-9/242:30PMIsotopesPitchslap17-4 Isotopes
3-9/244:00PMI'd Hit ThatGrape Dutches15-13 Grape Dutches
3-9/245:30PMNew World OutkastsUpper Deckers7-6 New World Outkasts
3-9/246:45PMGot the RunsSoft Balls29-11 Got the Runs
3-9/27-Tuesday6:45PMGold LabelBeer View Mirrors19-4 Beer View Mirrors
4-10/110AMUpper DeckersId Hit That17-12 Upper Deckers
4-10/1resch: 12:00PM 10/30Alaskan Spear ThrowersSOPs16-3 Spear Throwers
4-10/11:00PMIsotopesBeer View Mirrors17-8 Isotopes
4-10/12:30PMAstrosGrape Dutches6-5 Astros
4-10/14:00PMGold LabelNew World Outkasts16-7 Outkasts
4-10/15:30PMSoft BallsPitchslap14-13 Pitchslap
4-10/16:45PMJTFTGot the Runs16-4 JTFT
4-10/4-Tuesday6:45PMBad News BeersBooze on First13-4 Bad News Beers
5-10/810:00AMAlaskan Spear ThrowersIsotopes17-2 Isotopes
5-10/811:30AMJTFTNew World Outkasts4-0 New World Outkasts
5-10/81:00PMPitchslapSOPs8-7 SOPs
5-10/82:30PMBad News BeersGot the Runs19-2 Bad News Beers
5-10/84:00PMGrape DutchesUpper Deckers7-5 Grape Dutches
5-10/85:30PMGold LabelI'd Hit That21-14 Gold Label
5-10/86:45PMBeer View MIrrorsBooze on First13-3 Booze on First
5-10/11 Tuesday6:45PMAstrosSoft Balls20-2 Astros
6-10/1510AMBeer View MirrorsGrape Dutches14-3 Grape Dutches
6-10/1511:30AMPitchslapBooze on First5-4 Booze on First
6-10/151:00PMNew World OutkastsSoft Balls14-7 New World Outkasts
6-10/152:30PMIsotopesJTFT6-5 Isotopes
6-10/154:00PMBad News BeersGold Label18-3 Bad News Beers
6-10/155:30PMUpper DeckersSOPs26-2 Upper Deckers
6-10/156:45PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersAstros11-2 Alaskan Spear Throwers
6-10/18 Tuesday6:45PMI'd Hit ThatGot the Runs 9-8 Got the Runs
7-10/22resch: 1:15PM 10/30)Got the RunsSOPs6-4 Got the Runs
7-10/22(resch: 9AM 10/29)JTFTBeer View Mirrors15-11 JTFT
7-10/22resch: 6:45PM 11/1I'd Hit ThatBad News Beersno contest
7-10/222:30PMUpper DeckersPitchslap23-5 Upper Deckers
7-10/22(resch: 9:30AM 10/30)AstrosGold Label13-0 Astros
7-10/22resch: 2:15 10/30Booze on FirstSoft Balls19-4 Booze on First
7-10/226:45PMGrape DutchesAlaskan Spear Throwers13-0 Grape Dutches
7-10/25-Tuesdayresch: IsotopesNew World Outkasts13-0 NWO
8-10/2910AMGold LabelJTFT22-9 Gold Label
8-10/2911:30AMNew World OutkastsBeer View Mirrors24-4 New World Outkasts
8-10/291:00PMGot the RunsGrape Dutches15-4 Grape Dutches
8-10/292:30PMBad News BeersAstros16-1 Astros
8-10/294:00PMIsotopesBooze on First3-2 Isotopes
8-10/295:30PMI'd Hit ThatSOPs18-17 Id Hit That
8-10/296:45PMUpper DeckersSoft Balls19-4 Upper Deckers
8-11/1-Tuesdayresch: 10:45AM: 10/30Alaskan Spear ThrowersPitchslap10-6 Alaskan Spear Throwers