Spring 2016 Schedule

Below is the entire spring schedule for the 2016 season. Note we have no games scheduled on Memorial day weekend. We also have June 18th/June 19th as our rain makeup weekend. The season is 8 weeks, with the top 6 teams making the playoffs. Playoffs will take place on June 25th. (makeup day would be the following day)

Tiebreakers are: (1) Head to Head, (2) RUNS AGAINST, and (3) record against the playoff teams, in that order. The top two teams will receive a bye. There is no reseeding in the playoffs.


WeekDateAwayHomeFinal Score
1Saturday 4/16-1:00PMIsotopesSons of PitchesIsotopes 15-9
1Saturday 4/16-2:20PMWhere My Pitches At?SleeperzzzSleeperzzz 24-2
1Saturday 4/16-3:40PMSocial OutcastsSoft BallsSocial Outcasts 19-4
1Saturday 4/16-5:00PMJust the Foul TipBad News BeersBNB 12-8
1Saturday 4/16-6:20PMGrape DutchesUpper DeckersUpper Deckers 11-10
1Sunday 4/17-10:00AMI'd Hit ThatGot the RunsId Hit That 15-14
1Sunday 4/17-11:20AMPitchslapAlaskan Spear ThrowersAST 13-10
1Sunday 4/17-12:40PMAstrosDesignated DrinkersAstros 17-0
2Saturday 4/23-1:00PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersSoft BallsSOPs 19-13
2Saturday 4/23-2:20PMGot the RunsAstrosAstros 22-2
2Saturday 4/23-3:40PMDesignated DrinkersUpper DeckersUpper Deckers 14-6
2Saturday 4/23-5:00PMBad News BeersSons of PitchesSOPs 19-13
2Saturday 4/23-6:20PMSleeperzzzPitchslapSleeperzzz 11-4
2Sunday 4/24-10:00AMSocial OutcastsJust the Foul TipJTFT 15-4
2Sunday 4/24-11:20AMWhere My Pitches At?IsotopesIsotopes 15-3
2Sunday 4/24-12:40PMGrape DutchesI'd Hit ThatGrape Dutches 10-1
3Saturday 4/30-1:00PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersJust the Foul TipJTFT 18-4
3Saturday 4/30-2:20PMAstrosI'd Hit ThatAstros 14-8
3Saturday 4/30-3:40PMDesignated DrinkersIsotopesIsotopes 19-10
3Saturday 4/30-5:00PMGrape DutchesPitchslapGrape Dutches 20-5
3Saturday 4/30-6:20PMSons of PitchesSocial OutcastsSOPs 10-6
3Sunday 5/1-10:00AMSoft BallsUpper Deckersrain out-makeup TBA
3Sunday 5/1-11:20AMSleeperzzzGot the Runsrain out-makeup TBA
3Sunday 5/1-12:40PMBad News BeersWhere My Pitches At?rain out-makeup TBA
4Saturday 5/7-1:00PMJust the Foul TipDesignated DrinkersJTFT 11-7
4Saturday 5/7-2:20PMIsotopesGrape DutchesGrape Dutches 6-5
4Saturday 5/7-3:40PMI'd Hit ThatBad News Beerscancelled per both teams
4Saturday 5/7-5:00PMPitchslapSocial OutcastsSocial Outcasts 19-6
4Saturday 5/7-6:20PMSons of PitchesSoft BallsSOPs 26-0
4Sunday 5/8-10:00AMSleeperzzzAstroscancelled per both teams
4Sunday 5/8-11:20AMWhere's My Pitches At?Upper DeckersUpper Deckers 16-5
4Sunday 5/8-12:40PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersGot the RunsAST 3-0
5Saturday 5/14-1:00PMSons of PitchesSleeperzzzSOPs 4-3
5Saturday 5/14-2:20PMUpper DeckersJust the Foul TipJTFT 20-14
5Saturday 5/14-3:40PMDesignated DrinkersAlaskan Spear ThrowersAST 8-7
5Saturday 5/14-5:00PMI'd Hit ThatPitchslapI'd Hit That 18-3
5Saturday 5/14-6:20PMBad News BeersAstrosAstros 24-15
5Sunday 5/15-10:00AMGrape DutchesGot the RunsGrape Dutches 28-3
5Sunday 5/15-11:20AMSocial OutcastsIsotopesSocial Outcasts 10-8
5Sunday 5/15-12:40PMSoft BallsWhere My Pitches At?Where My Pitches At? 10-7
6Saturday 5/21-1:00PMUpper DeckersSleeperzzz
6Saturday 5/21-2:20PMAstrosSocial Outcasts
6Saturday 5/21-3:40PMIsotopesSoft Balls
6Saturday 5/21-5:00PMBad News BeersDesignated Drinkers
6Saturday 5/21-6:20PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersGrape Dutches
6Sunday 5/22-10:00AMGot the RunsPitchslap
6Sunday 5/22-11:20AMI'd Hit ThatSons of Pitches
6Sunday 5/22-12:40PMJust the Foul TipWhere My Pitches At?
7Saturday 6/4-1:00PMSleeperzzzI'd Hit That
7Saturday 6/4-2:20PMIsotopesJust the Foul Tip
7Saturday 6/4-3:40PMWhere My Pitches At? Alaskan Spear Throwers
7Saturday 6/4-5:00PMPitchslapSons of Pitches
7Saturday 6/4-6:20PMSoft BallsAstros
7Sunday 6/5-10:00AMUpper DeckersBad News Beers
7Sunday 6/5-11:20AMGot the RunsSocial Outcasts
7Sunday 6/5-12:40PMDesignated DrinkersGrape Dutches
8Saturday 6/11-1:00PMGot the RunsWhere My Pitches At?
8Saturday 6/11-2:20PMJust the Foul TipI'd Hit That
8Saturday 6/11-3:40PMSocial OutcastsDesignated Drinkers
8Saturday 6/11-5:00PMPitchslapSleeperzzz
8Saturday 6/11-6:20PMUpper DeckersAlaskan Spear Throwers
8Sunday 6/12-10:00AMSons of PitchesGrape Dutches
8Sunday 6/12-11:20AMSoft BallsBad News Beers
8Sunday 6/12-12:40PMAstrosIsotopes