Summer 2016 Schedule

Our 2016 Summer season will begin on Saturday, July 9th!  Below are game times and opponents.  All games are played at Whitey Ford field in Astoria/LIC.

***Tiebreakers are 1) head to head, 2) Runs Against, 3) record against playoff teams, and 4) runs scored.***

***Playoffs will be held on August 27th.  Top 6 teams from this season.

1Sat-7/9/16-11:30AMPitchSlapBNB27-15 Pitchslap
1Sat-7/9/16-1:00PMGrape DutchesJTFT11-5 JTFT
1Sat-7/9/16-2:20PMSoft BallsGot the Runs22-16 Got the Runs
1Sat-7/9/16-3:40PMGold LabelBeer View Mirrors10-3 Gold Label
1Sat-7/9/16-5:00PMBeer View MirrorsBooze on First16-5 Beer View Mirrors
1Sat-7/9/16-6:20PMBooze on FirstAstros14-8 Astros
1Sun-7/10/16-10:00AMSOPsUpper Deckers6-5 Upper Deckers
1Sun-7/10/16-11:20AMI'd Hit ThatSocial Outkasts14-9 I'd Hit That
1Sun-7/10/16-12:40PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersIsotopes9-7 Isotopes
2Sat-7/16/16-11:30AMBNBAlaskan Spear Throwers16-14 Spear Throwers
2Sat-7/16/16-1:00PMSocial OutkastsBNB27-9 Social Outkasts
2Sat-7/16/16-2:20PMGrape DutchesSocial Outkasts17-2 Social Outkasts
2Sat-7/16/16-3:40PMBeer View MirrorsGot the Runs18-13 Beer View Mirrors
2Sat-7/16/16-5:00PMAstrosPitchslap28-2 Pitchslap
2Sat-7/16/16-6:20PMIsotopesGold Label14-7 Isotopes
2Sun-7/17/16-10:00AMJTFTSoft Balls18-3 JTFT
2Sun-7/17/16-11:20AMUpper DeckersI'd Hit That12-7 I'd Hit That
2Sun-7/17/16-12:40PMBooze on FirstSOPs12-4 SOPs
3Sat-7/23/16-11:30AMBeer View MirrorsI'd Hit That7-3 I'd Hit That
3Sat-7/23/16-1:00PMSocial OutkastsUpper Deckers11-7 Upper Deckers
3Sat-7/23/16-2:20PMGot the RunsBNB18-17 BNB
3Sat-7/23/16-3:40PMGot the RunsJTFT29-1 JTFT
3Sat-7/23/16-5:00PMJTFTAstros11-7 JTFT
3Sat-7/23/16-6:20PMSOPsAlaskan Spear Throwers6-2 Spear Throwers
3Sun-7/24/16-10:00AMGold LabelGrape Dutches16-15 Grape Dutches
3Sun-7/24/16-11:20AMBooze on FirstPitchslapPitchslap via forfiet
3Sun-7/24/16-12:40PMIsotopesSoft BallsIsotopes 18-3
4Sat-7/30/16-11:30AMSOPsBeer View Mirrors16-15 SOPs
4Sat-7/30/16-1:00PMJTFTGold Label9-6 JTFT
4Sat-7/30/16-2:20PMBNBGrape Dutches19-9 Grape Dutches
4Sat-7/30/16-3:40PMAstrosDutches13-7 Astros
4Sat-7/30/16-5:00PMAstrosAlaskan Spear Throwers10-1 Astros
4Sat-7/30/16-6:20PMSoft BallsPitchslap
4Sun-7/31/16-10:00AMBooze on FirstSocial Outkasts18-14 Social Outkasts
4Sun-7/31/16-11:20AMUpper DeckersGot the Runs
4Sun-7/31/16-12:40PMI'd Hit ThatIsotopes
5Sat-8/6/16-11:30AMUpper DeckersAstros18-3 Upper Deckers
5Sat-8/6/16-1:00PMUpper DeckersPitchslap14-2 Upper Deckers
5Sat-8/6/16-2:20PMPitchslapBeer View Mirrors14-9 Beer View Mirrors
5Sat-8/6/16-3:40PMSoft BallsGrape Dutches16-1 Grape Dutches
5Sat-8/6/16-5:00PMIsotopesBNB11-6 Isotopes
5Sat-8/6/16-6:20PMBooze on FirstGot the Runs9-2 Booze on First
5Sun-8/7/16-10:00AMSOPJTFT3-0 JTFT
5Sun-8/7/16-11:20AMI'd Hit ThatAlaskan Spear Throwers10-7 Id Hit That
5Sun-8/7/16-12:40PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersGold Label8-4 Spear Throwers
5Sun-8/7/16-2:00PMGold LabelSocial Outkasts16-14 Gold Label...
6Sat-8/13/16-11:30AMJTFTI'd Hit That11-6 I'd Hit That
6Sat-8/13/16-1:00PMSoft BallsI'd Hit That18-3 Id Hit That
6Sat-8/13/16-2:20PMBeer View MirrorsSoft Balls18-5 Beer View Mirrors
6Sat-8/13/16-3:40PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersSocial Outkasts5-4 Alaskan Spear Throwers
6Sat-8/13/16-5PMBNBGold Label7-6 Gold Label
6Sat 8/13/16-6:20PMGrape DutchesBooze on First9-5 Grape Dutches
6Sun 8/14/16-10:00AMAstrosSOPs8-2 Astros
6Sun 8/14/16-11:20AMGot the RunsSOPs5-3 SOPs
6Sun 8/14/16-12:40PMIsotopesUpper Deckers15-14 Upper Deckers
6Sun 8/14/16-2:00PMPitchslapIsotopes7-1 Pitchslap
7Sat 8/20/16-11:30AMI'd Hit ThatBooze on First
7Sat 8/20/16-1:00PMAlaskan Spear ThrowersUpper Deckers
7Sat 8/20/16-2:20PMPitchslapJTFT
7Sat 8/20/16-3:40PMSocial OutkastsAstros
7Sat 8/20/16-5:00PMGrape DutchesSOPs
7Sat 8/20/16-6:20PMBNBBeer View Mirrors
7Sun 8/21/16-10AMGold LabelSoft Balls
7Sun 8/21/16-11:20AMGot the RunsIsotopes