Summer 2017 Schedule

Below is the 2017 Summer Schedule. Please note each team plays nine league games. Our fields for the summer are:
Whitey Ford field-26th Ave and 2nd Street
Queensbridge Field #1-21st Street, Long Island City

In the event we need to reschedule games due to inclement weather, we also have a field at Randalls Island that will be used for make up games.

17/22/17-12PMWhitey FordSons of PitchesDesignated Drinkers8-2 Designated Drinkers
17/22/17-1:15PMWhitey FordDesignated DrinkersGrape Dutches12-4 Grape Dutches
17/22/17-2:30PMWhitey FordGrape DutchesGot the Runs17-2 Grape Dutches
17/22/17-4:00PMWhitey FordBeer View MirrorsBackdoor Sliders11-6 BVM
17/22/17-5:30PMWhitey FordUpper DeckersPitchslap20-11 Upper Deckers
17/22/17-6:45PMWhitey FordJust the Foul TipAstros16-1 Astros
17/23/17-9:00AMWhitey FordBad News BeersRecess Renegadesrainout
17/23/17-10:15AMWhitey FordSoft BallsBooze on Firstrainout
17/23/17-11:30AMWhitey FordOutkastsI'd Hit Thatrainout
17/23/17-12:45PMWhitey FordGold LabelAlaskan Spear Throwersrainout
27/29/17-12:00PMWhitey FordUpper DeckersOutkasts8-7 Outkasts
27/29/17-1:15PMWhitey FordBeer View MirrorsUpper Deckers7-1 Upper Deckers
27/29/17-2:30PMWhitey FordGold LabelBeer View Mirrors6-4 BVM
27/29/17-4:00PMWhitey FordPitchslapRecess Renegades10-7 Pitchslap
27/29/17-5:30PMWhitey FordI'd Hit ThatPitchslap9-8 Pitchslap
27/29/17-6:45PMWhitey FordAlaskan Spear ThrowersI'd Hit That10-1 Alaskan Spear Throwers
27/29/17-11:00AMQueensbridge Field 1 Designated DrinkersSoft Balls9-7 Designated Drinkers
27/29/17-12:30PMQueensbridge Field 1Sons of PitchesBad News Beers13-5 Bad News Beers
27/29/17-2:00PMQueensbridge Field 1Backdoor SlidersBooze on First9-7 Booze on first
27/30/17-9:30AMWhitey FordAstrosGot the Runs17-4 Astros
27/30/17-10:45AMWhitey FordGot the RunsJust the Foul Tip16-5 JTFT
27/30/17-12:00PMWhitey FordJust the Foul TipGrape Dutches14-13 Grape Dutches
38/5/17-12:00PMWhitey FordBooze on FirstOutkasts10-2 Outkasts
38/5/17-1:15PMWhitey FordOutkastsGold Label8-7 Gold Label
38/5/17-2:30PMWhitey FordGold LabelBackdoor Sliders11-3 Gold Label
38/5/17-4:00PMWhitey FordBad News BeersGot the Runs5-3 Bad News Beers
38/5/17-5:30PMWhitey FordAstrosRecess Renegades14-4 Astros
38/5/17-6:45PMWhitey FordI'd Hit ThatUpper Deckers11-4 Upper Deckers
38/6/17-9:00AMWhitey FordPitchslapAlaskan Spear Throwers7-5 Alaskan Spear Throwers
38/6/17-10:15AMWhitey FordDesignated DrinkersBeer View Mirrors5-3 Designated Drinkers
38/6/17-11:30AMWhitey FordSons of PitchesJust the Foul Tip15-2 JTFT
38/6/17-12:45PMWhitey FordGrape DutchesSoft Balls11-1 Grape Dutches
48/12/17-!2:00PMWhitey FordAstrosSons of PitchesAstros win-forfeit
48/12/17-1:15PMWhitey FordBad News BeersAstros9-1 Astros
48/12/17-2:30PMWhitey FordSoft BallsBad News Beers17-2 Bad News Beers
48/12/17-4:00PMWhitey FordRecess RenegadesSoft Balls21-13 Recess Renegades
48/12/17-5:30PMWhitey FordJust the Foul TipRecess Renegades13-4 JTFT
48/12/17-6:45PMWhitey FordOutkastsBeer View Mirrors15-10 Beer View MIrrors
48/12/17-11:00AMQueensbridge 1Grape DutchesAlaskan Spear ThrowersGrape Dutches win-forfeit
48/12/17-12:30PMQueensbridge 1Designated DrinkersGot the Runs11-4 Designated Drinkers
48/12/17-2:00PMQueensbridge 1PitchslapGold Label11-4 Pitchslap
48/13/17-9:30AMWhitey FordUpper DeckersBooze on First5-4 Upper Deckers
48/13/17-10:45AMWhitey FordBooze on FirstI'd Hit That4-1 Booze on First
48/13/17-12:00PMWhitey FordI'd Hit ThatBackdoor Sliders15-8 I'D Hit That
58/19/17-12:00PMWhitey FordSons of PitchesGot the Runs8-5 Got the Runs
58/19-17-1:15PMWhitey FordGrape DutchesSons of Pitches21-2 Grape Dutches
58/19/17-2:30PMWhitey FordAstrosGrape Dutches13-3 Astros
58/19/17-4:00PMWhitey FordSoft BallsAstros17-2 Astros
58/19/17-5:30PMWhitey FordJust the Foul TipSoft Balls11-2 JTFT
58/19/17-6:45PMWhitey FordI'd Hit ThatJust the Foul Tip13-10 I'd Hit That
58/19/17-11:30AMQueensbridge 1Bad News BeersDesignated Drinkers14-10 Bad News Beers
58/19/17-1:00PMQueensbridge 1Designated DrinkersRecess RenegadesDesignated Drinkers via forfeit
58/20/17-9:30AMWhitey FordBeer View MirrorsAlaskan Spear Throwers11-8 Beer View MIrrors
58/20/17-10:45AMWhitey FordAlaskan Spear ThrowersBackdoor Sliders10-8 Alaskan Spear Throwers
58/20/17-12:00PMWhitey FordBackdoor SlidersUpper Deckers15-2 Upper Deckers
58/20/17-1:30PMWhitey FordUpper DeckersGold Label4-3 Gold Label
58/20/17-3:00PMWhitey FordGold LabelBooze on First9-3 Gold Label
58/20/17-4:30PMWhitey FordOutkastsPitchslap5-3 Outkasts
68/26/17-12:00PMWhitey FordGrape DutchesBad News Beers6-4 Bad News Beers
68/26/17-1:15PMWhitey FordBad News BeersOutkasts9-4 New World Outkasts
68/26/17-2:30PMWhitey FordOutkastsAlaskan Spear Throwers16-6 Alaskan Spear Throwers
68/26/17-4:00PMWhitey FordAlaskan Spear ThrowersBooze on First17-8 Alaskan Spear Throwers
68/26/17-5:30PMWhitey FordBooze on FirstBeer View Mirrors10-3 Booze on first
68/26/17-6:45PMWhitey FordBeer View MirrorsI'd Hit That12-4 Beer View MIrrors
68/27/17-9:00AMWhitey Ford Gold LabelSons of Pitches20-2 Gold Label
68/27/17-10:15AMWhitey FordSons of PitchesRecess Renegades11-4 Recess Renegades
68/27/17-11:30AMWhitey FordRecess RenegadesGot the Runs14-4 Got the Runs
68/27/17-12:45PMWhitey FordGot the RunsBackdoor Sliders5-4 Backdoor Sliders
68/27/17-2:15PMWhitey FordBackdoor SlidersPitchslap10-3 Pitchslap
68/27/17-3:30PMWhitey FordAstrosUpper Deckers9-3 Upper Deckers
68/27/17-4:45PMWhitey FordDesignated DrinkersJust the Foul Tip15-13 Designated Drinkers
79/9/17-10:00AMWhitey FordUpper DeckersAlaskan Spear Throwers
79/9/17-11:20AMWhitey FordGold LabelAlaskan Spear Throwers
79/9/17-12:40PMWhitey FordI'd Hit ThatGold Label
79/9/17-2:00PMWhitey FordNew World OutkastsI'd Hit That
79/9/17-3:20PMWhitey FordNew World OutkastsBackdoor Sliders
79/9/17-4:40PMWhitey FordBad News BeersJTFT
79/9/17-6:00PMWhitey FordBad News BeersRecess Renegades
79/9/17-7:20PMWhitey FordRecess RenegadesGrape Dutches
79/9/17-11:00AMQueensbridge 1Beer View MirrorsPitchslap
79/9/17-12:30PMQueensbridge 1PitchslapBooze on First
79/9/17-2:00PMQueensbridge 1AstrosDesignated Drinkers
79/9/17-3:30PMQueensbridge 1Got the RunsSoft Balls
79/9/17-5:00PMQueensbridge 1Soft BallsSOPs
79/10/17-11:00AMWhitey Ford Booze on FirstSoft Balls