Playoff Bound

August 15th-Week 6 With one week remaining in the regular season, four teams clinched playoff spots this past weekend. Game 1-Isotopes 14-Home Rum 3 Our first game saw the Isotopes defeat the Home Rum, improving their record to 7-2 and in the process becoming the first team to clinch a playoff spot.   Interim ... More

No. 13 Baby

Week 5, 8/8-8/10 One of the most underrated tracks on the Pixies sophomore album "Doolittle" is the lead heading for our week 5 recap.  And for good reason.  The Bad News Beers and PitchSlap opened the weekend with an instant "game of the year" contender, playing out thirteen innings on a hot Saturday afternoon at the ... More

Purple Haze

It's time we give some love to the Grape Dutches.  Sometimes they get lost in the hierarchy of the league; however this is no mid card team.  Through six games, they have some ridiculous numbers: Six wins 80 total runs scored 27 total runs allowed That is seriously impressive. They destroyed JTFT in the ... More

It’s our Duke/Carolina

Yankees/Red Sox. Michigan/Ohio State. They got nothing on the Pretzels/JTFT.  Since inception, this has become our glamour matchup.  Last season, JTFT won a week 3 Monday night primetime showdown in walk-off fashion, marking the first regular season loss for the Pretzels in Astoria Social history.  Both teams ... More

Summer Season is Here!

July 11, 2015 It felt like forever since spring ended.  I mean, what did we wait, about 14 days?  But we were busy during that stretch, adding approximately 30 new players to our league, combining the "Smokin' Bunts" and "PitchSlap" to form..."Pitchslap," and adding a team called "Soft Balls."  Yes, while the heat ... More

Astoria Softball Kick-Off Party!

On March 12th, 80 plus local Astorians packed Dalys Pub for our softball kick-off party! We celebrated the occasion with drinks, darts and hot dogs. On hand were league officials and captains, explaining the structure of the league and benefits of playing softball in Astoria. Thank you to everyone who came out and ... More

What is Astoria Social Softball?

Astoria Social Softball is a co-ed softball league, with all games played in Astoria, New York. We have games scheduled on Saturdays and Mondays in the spring. There are standings based on wins/losses with a playoff at the end of the season. While we encourage all players to engage in friendly competition, we also stress ... More

What are some of the rules in Astoria Social Softball?

Our games are 7 innings, with ten players playing the field during games. Rosters can rise to 15 players per team, with umpires present to ensure that the games are regulated. We play, at a minimum, two females in the field. Games typically last no more than one and a half hours. More

Do I have to have any experience playing softball?

No, all skill levels are encouraged to sign up. Our league places high value on sportsmanship and fair play, so those that have never played, or have not played in a long time should not be deterred from signing up. More

How do I sign up for softball?

Our spring signups will begin on Thursday, March 12th at Daly’s Pub in Astoria at our spring kick-off party. (located on 31st St. and Broadway) On this night, we will have league officials and returning team captains present to answer all questions pertaining to all aspects of the league. In addition, a majority of ... More