Fall 2015 Standings

Below are the 2015 Fall Standings.  Note that this season we have expanded to 12 teams!  The team formerly known as the Home Rum are now the Designated Drinkers.  The Pretzels have split into the Upper Deckers and the Alaskan Spear Throwers.  Our new teams are the Astoria Astros and Batting Under the Influence.

Playoff seeding is determined by overall record.  The top six teams make the playoffs.  If there is a tie, the first tiebreaker is head to head record.  If the teams have identical records against the team(s) they are tied with or did not play, the next tiebreaker is runs scored.  If the teams have the same amount of total runs scored, the next tiebreaker is runs against.

The fall playoffs will begin on 11/7.  On this day, the five seed will face the four seed, followed by the sixth seed taking on the third seed.  Thereafter, the top two teams will face the winners of the earlier game. (top seed faces the winner of the 4 vs 5 game, secod seed faces winner of the 3 vs 6 game)  The following week, (11/14) the winners will play in the title game.

Please note that the weather can and will be an issue this season.  If a whole weekend is rained out, it may not be made up.  Weather decisions are at the discretion of the league.

lastly, our sponsor bar for this season is Astoria Craft.  They will put out a nacho stand and offer a few drinks on tap at a discount ($5) for all league members.

PlaceTeam NameRecordRuns ScoredRuns Against
1** (Head to head over Isotopes)Astoria Astros7-110852
3**(Head to head over SOPs)Upper Deckers6-29540
5**Grape Dutches5-38152
6**(head to head over Spear throwers)JTFT4-48364
7Alaskan Spear Throwers4-47070
9Designated Drinkers3-55680
10Bad News Beers2-64981
11Batting Under the Influence1-738109
12Soft Balls0-828120