Summer Softball week 2: Two Fields, One Day

Welcome to the week 2 edition of the newsletter. We started the Queensbridge portion of the schedule last weekend with four games on each field. Thankfully we had some quick games at Whitey, and finished before the rain. Here's a recap of last weekend's action: Whitey Ford field Upper Deckers 14-Pitchslap 2This game was ... More

Summer Softball 2018 week 1: New Beginnings

The 11th season of Astoria Social softball is now underway! This season, we have sixteen teams divided into two divisions. With seven weeks on the schedule, each team will play the other seven teams in their division. The playoffs begin on Saturday, September 8th. The format is identical to the past few seasons, with ... More

Week 8 Recaps

Let's start off by giving some love to the New World Outkasts. They were the sole undefeated team this season, finishing 7-0 and securing the top overall seed in the upcoming playoffs. Brian and Melinda jokingly told me they get no newsletter love. They defeated Just the Foul Tip on Saturday at Queensbridge by the score of ... More

Week 7 Recaps

  One week remaining in the 2018 spring regular season. As indicated on Faceboook, we have begun the summer softball signup process. You can go to our website and signup. Admittingly, I have had some A+ material over the past few weeks in the kickball newsletter. So let's try and get my newsletter writeups ... More

Week 5 Recaps

Greener with the Scenery After a late night of partying, (HBD Ian) the SOP's continue their great season, defeating I'd Hit That by the score of 12-3 in a 10AM battle of the green. Their 4-1 record keeps them battling for a first weekend bye in the spring playoffs. Number 5 With a Bullet Joe Lad was hitting ... More

Week 4 Recaps

Let me start this off by thanking Astros, I'd Hit that and the SOPs for assisting with the fields. The end result of our efforts created playable conditions for all games on Saturday and Sunday. Some of you may have seen the Parks Department at the field on both Saturday and Sunday-they had let us know that the ... More

Week 3 Recaps!

Game of the Week The bike tour briefly delayed the start of the Astros/Recess Renegades game early Sunday morning. Fortunately, all players were able to get to Whitey as we had ourselves an exciting nine inning game. Down 5-4 in the third, the Astros capitalized on their powerful top of the lineup, scoring four ... More

Spring Week 02 Recaps!

  Whitey Ford field responded well to the Friday and Saturday night rain showers. All games were played as scheduled. This weekend we begin the Queens Bridge field portion of the schedule-there are two games each Saturday at Queens Bridge (3pm/4:30pm) For Astoria Social, this is an enjoyably hectic time ... More

Welcome back to Softball!

Welcome back! It's been a long (and cold) five months since the end of the Fall 2017 season. We hope the cold weather is behind us as we embark on the long seven month stretch of softball in 2018. If this weekend is any indication, we are in for a memorable 2018. Here's a look back at the action from this ... More

Week 04 Recaps!

  Another weekend with no interruptions! We are now at the midway point for the summer season. With only a few weeks remaining, teams are jockeying for position in our two divisions. Who came out on top this past weekend? Battle of the Undefeated A much better name than the "Loot Train Attack." (Serio... More