Below is the 2019 Spring Schedule. All games will be played at Whitey Ford Field (26th Ave and 2nd St) except for week 3 (May 4, 2019) when we will have two games at Queensbridge to accommodate another league that will be using the field.
In the event of inclement weather, games will likely be rescheduled. The league will update the captains regarding the rescheduled times/location. The weekend of June 15/16 will be used for rescheduled games. (if necessary) If there are no games to reschedule, we may start the bottom draw of the playoff that weekend. A determination will be made closer to the date after a discussion with the captains.
**Home/away splits will be finalized closer to the season**

Sat 4/13/1912:00PMPitchslapBeer View Mirrors7-4 Pitchslap
Sat 4/13/191:00PMSoft Balls and Hard ChicksGot the Runs7-6 Hard Chicks
Sat 4/13/192:30PMOutkastsI'd Hit That24-5 Outkasts
Sat 4/13/194:00PMUpper DeckersThe Gang Plays Softball34-8 Upper Deckers
Sat 4/13/195:30PMThis is How We MetsAstros22-1 Astros
Sat 4/13/196:45PMGolden ErrorRuben Sierra Mist13-8 Golden Error
Sun 4/14/199:00AMW TrainGrape Dutches7-3 Grape Dutches
Sun 4/14/1910:30AMTeam TBDQBS17-16 QBS
Sun 4/14/1912:00PMBat IntentionsSilver Sluggers18-9 Silver Sluggers
Sun 4/14/191:15PMBrew CrewSOP's11-5 SOPs
Sun 4/14/192:30PMSoft BallsPink Flamingos20-3 Pink Flamingos
Sun 4/14/194:00PMJTFTBooze on First9-6 JTFT
Sat 4/27/1912:00PMSoft BallsSilver Sluggers8-1 Silver Sluggers
Sat 4/27/191:00PMQBSAstros6-4 QBS
Sat 4/27/192:30PMRuben Sierra MistThis is How We Mets26-1 Ruben Sierra Mist
Sat 4/27/194:00PMPitchslapUpper Deckers11-1 Upper Deckers
Sat 4/27/195:30PMI'd Hit ThatGot the Runs7-5 Got the Runs
Sat 4/27/196:45PMBeer View MIrrorsThe Gang Plays Softball12-11 Gang Plays Softball
Sun 4/28/199:00AMOutkastsSoft Balls and Hard Chicks13-3 Outkasts
Sun 4/28/1910:30AMSOPsGolden Error10-9 SOPs
Sun 4/28/1912:00PMBat IntentionsJTFT22-11 JTFT
Sun 4/28/191:15PMPink Flamingo'sW Train6-5 W Train
Sun 4/28/192:30PMGrape DutchesBooze on First15-2 Grape Dutches
Sun 4/28/194:00PMBrew CrewTeam TBD10-6 Brew Crew
Sat 5/4/1912:00PMGot the RunsUpper Deckers7-5 Got the Runs
Sat 5/4/191:00PMI'd Hit ThatSoft Balls and Hard Chicks19-10 I'd Hit That
Sat 5/4/192:30PMOutkastsBeer View MIrrors7-3 Outkasts
Sat 5/4/194:00PMBooze on FirstSoft Balls7-3 Booze on First
Sat 5/4/195:30PMAstrosGolden Error11-5 Astros
Sat 5/4/196:45PMThe Gang Plays SoftballPitchslap9-8 Pitchslap
Sat 5/4/193:30PM-QueensbridgeSOP's QBS11-3 QBS
Sat 5/4/195:00PM-QueensbridgeBrew CrewRuben Sierra Mist21-12 Brew Crew
Sun 5/5/199:00AMGrape DutchesPink Flamingosrescheduled
Sun 5/5/1910:30AMJTFTSilver Sluggers11-9 JTFT
Sun 5/5/1912:00PMTeam TBDThis is How We Metsrescheduled
Sun 5/5/191:15PMBat IntentionsW TrainW Train via forfeit
Sat 5/11/1912:00PMW TrainBooze on First7-2 W Train
Sat 5/11/191:00PMBeer View MIrrorsGot the Runs11-3 Got the Runs
Sat 5/11/192:30PMSoft BallsJTFT7-2 JTFT
Sat 5/11/194:00PMGrape DutchesBat IntentionsGrape Dutches via forfeit
Sat 5/11/195:30PMThe Gang Plays SoftballOutkasts13-2 Outkasts
Sat 5/11/196:45PMUpper DeckersSoft Balls and Hard Chicks10-4 Upper Deckers
Sun 5/12/199:00AMThis is How We MetsSOP's14-9 This is How We Mets
Sun 5/12/1910:30AMBrew CrewAstros
Sun 5/12/1912:00PMQBSRuben Sierra Mist21-2 QBS
Sun 5/12/191:15PMGolden ErrorTeam TBD
Sun 5/12/192:30PMPitchslapI'd Hit That
Sun 5/12/194:00PMPink FlamingosSilver Sluggers
Sat 5/18/1912:00PMQBSBrew Crew9-6 QBS
Sat 5/18/191:00PMSilver SluggersW Train9-2 W Train
Sat 5/18/192:30PMBat IntentionsBooze on First10-6 Booze on First
Sat 5/18/194:00PMPitchslapOutkasts18-6 Outkasts
Sat 5/18/195:30PMSoft Balls and Hard ChicksBeer View Mirrors16-12 Outkasts
Sat 5/18/196:45PMAstrosRuben Sierra Mist14-7 Astros
Sun 5/19/199:00AMGot the RunsThe Gang Plays Softball7-4 Got The Runs
Sun 5/19/1910:30AMUpper DeckersI'd Hit That24-3 Upper Deckers
Sun 5/19/1912:00PMGolden ErrorThis is How We Mets25-10 Golden Error
Sun 5/19/191:15PMSOP'sTeam TBD12-10 SOPs
Sun 5/19/192:30PMPink FlamingosJTFT5-3 JTFT
Sun 5/19/194:00PMGrape DutchesSoft Balls20-8 Grape Dutches
Sat 6/1/1912:00PMThe Gang Plays SoftballSoft Balls and Hard Chicks
Sat 6/1/191:00PMOutkastsUpper Deckers
Sat 6/1/192:30PMAstrosSOPs
Sat 6/1/194:00PMBeer View MirrorsI'd Hit That
Sat 6/1/195:30PMJTFTGrape Dutches
Sat 6/1/196:45PMGolden ErrorQBS
Sun 6/2/199:00AMBooze on FirstSilver Sluggers
Sun 6/2/1910:30AMBat IntentionsPink Flamingos
Sun 6/2/1912:00PMSoft BallsW Train
Sun 6/2/191:15PMGot the RunsPitchslap
Sun 6/2/192:30PMRuben Sierra MistTeam TBD
Sun 6/2/194:00PMThis is How We MetsBrew Crew
Sat 6/8/1912:00PMQBSThis is How We Mets
Sat 6/8/191:00PMRuben Sierra MistSOP's
Sat 6/8/192:30PMJTFTW Train
Sat 6/8/194:00PMGolden ErrorBrew Crew
Sat 6/8/195:30PMThe Gang Plays SoftballI'd Hit That
Sat 6/8/196:45PMGot the RunsOutkasts
Sun 6/9/199:00AMBeer View MirrorsUpper Deckers
Sun 6/9/1910:30AMPitchslapSoft Balls and Hard Chicks
Sun 6/9/1912:00PMTeam TBDAstros
Sun 6/9/191:15PMPink FlamingosBooze on First
Sun 6/9/192:30PMGrape DutchesSilver Sluggers
Sun 6/9/194:00PMBat IntentionsSoft Balls