Below are the standings for the 2019 Astoria Social Softball regular season. The three division winners will be the top three seeds (based on overall ranking-runs against)
The remaining teams will be ranked 4-24. The first tiebreaker is head to head. If three or more teams are tied, the tiebreaker will be runs against. If there is a tie in the amount of runs against, runs scored will be the tiebreaker.
If teams in different divisions are tied after seven weeks, the rank in division will be the first tiebreaker.

Team NameWinsLossesRuns ScoredRuns Against
Got the Runs524742
Upper Deckers529946
Soft Balls and Hard Chicks346574
I'd Hit That2574111
Beer View Mirrors165880
The Gang Plays Softball1648107
Team NameWinsLossesRuns ScoredRuns Against
Grape Dutches616631
W Train524327
Pink Flamingos436130
Silver Sluggers345355
Booze on First253557
Bat Intentions**254173 (plus 29 for forfeits)
Soft Balls072690
Team NameWinsLossesRuns ScoredRuns Against
QBS* (Division Winners)708539
The Butt Dragons438457
Golden Error347262
Brew Crew346066
Ruben Sierra Mist1663100
This is How We Mets1640116