Summer 2018 Schedule

Below is a copy of the 2018 Summer Schedule.  Home/Away splits may change prior to the season to ensure all teams are set.

Playoffs will start on 9/8.

Sat 7/14 Whitey11:45AMSOPJTFT11-1 JTFT
Sat 7/14 Whitey1:00PMSpear ThrowersBrew Crew10-4 Spears
Sat 7/14 Whitey2:30OMPitchslapBeer View9-7 BVM
Sat 7/14 Whitey4:00PMGot the RunsBad News Beers13-7 Got the Runs
Sat 7/14 Whitey5:30PMAstrosGold Label6-3 Astros
Sat 7/14 Whitey6:45PMUpper DeckersI'd Hit That7-4 I'd Hit That
Sun 7/15 Whitey11AMSoft BallsRecess Renegadesrain out
Sun 7/15 Whitey12:30AMBooze on FirstOutkastsrain out
Sat 7/21 Whitey1:00PMPitchslapUpper Deckers14-2 Upper Deckers
Sat 7/21 Whitey2:30PMGold LabelI'd Hit That10-9 I'd Hit That
Sat 7/21 Whitey4:00PMGot the RunsAstros8-4 Astros
Sat 7/21 Whitey5:30PMBad News BeersBeer View Mirrors6-2 BNB
Sat 7/21 Queensbridge12:00PMSoft BallsSpear Throwers16-14 Spears
Sat 7/21 Queensbridge1:30PMBooze on FirstJTFT21-8 Booze on First
Sat 7/21 Queensbridge3:00PMSOPsOutkasts16-2 Outkasts
Sat 7/21 Queensbridge4:30PMRecessBrew Crew7-1 Recess Renegades
Sat 7/28 Whitey1:00PMSOPBooze7-0 Booze on First
Sat 7/28 Whitey2:30PMJTFTOutkasts13-4 Outkasts
Sat 7/28 Whitey4:00PMSoft BallsBrew Crew17-11 Brew Crew
Sat 7/28 Whitey5:30PMRecess RenegadesSpear Throwers6-3 Spear Throwers
Sat 7/28 Queensbridge12:00PMBeer View MirrorsGold Label5-2 Beer View Mirrors
Sat 7/28 Queensbridge1:30PMI'd Hit ThatGot the Runs6-4 Got the Runs
Sat 7/28 Queensbridge3:00PMUpper DeckersAstros8-7 Astros
Sat 7/28 Queensbridge4:30PMPitchslapBad News Beers9-2 Pitchslap
Sat 8/4 Whitey1:00PMUpper DeckersGold Label6-4 Upper Deckers
Sat 8/4 Whitey2:30PMPitchslapI'd Hit That13-5 I'd Hit That
Sat 8/4 Whitey4:00PMAstrosBad News BeersAstros via forfeit
Sat 8/4 Whitey5:30PMGot the RunsBeer View Mirrors15-5 Got That Runs
Sat 8/4 Queensbridge12:00PMJTFTBrew Crew14-6 JTFT
Sat 8/4 Queensbridge1:30PMSpear ThrowersOutkasts9-7 Outkasts
Sat 8/4 Queensbridge3:00PMSOP'sRecess RenegadesRecess via forfeit
Sat 8/4 Queensbridge4:30PMSoft BallsBooze on First12-3 Booze on First
Sat 8/11 Whitey11:45AMBeer View MirrorsUpper DeckersBeer View via forfeit
Sat 8/11 Whitey1:00PMPitchslapGot the Runs17-10 Got the Runs
Sat 8/11 Whitey2:30PMAstrosI'd Hit That8-0 Astros
Sat 8/11 Whitey4:00PMBad News BeersGold LabelGold Label via forfeit
Sat 8/11 Whitey5:30PMRecess RenegadesOutkasts12-5 Outkasts
Sat 8/11 Whitey6:45PMSpear ThrowersBooze on Firstrain out
Sun 8/12 Whitey11:00AMSOP'sBrew Crew7-3 SOP
Sun 8/12 Whitey12:30PMJTFTSoft Balls19-2 JTFT
Sat 8/18 Whitey1:00PMRecess RenegadesJTFT8-7 JTFT
Sat 8/18 Whitey2:30PMOutkastsSoft Balls22-0 Outkasts
Sat 8/18 Whitey4:00PMSOPSpears9-7 Spears
Sat 8/18 Whitey5:30PMBooze on FirstBrew Crew5-4 Booze
Sat 8/18 Queensbridge12:00PMAstrosBeer View MIrrorsBeer view via forfeit
Sat 8/18 Queensbridge1:30PMGold LabelPitchslap10-4 Gold Label
Sat 8/18 Queensbridge3:00PMGot the RunsUpper Deckers12-5 Upper Deckers
Sat 8/18 Queensbridge4:30PMI'd Hit ThatBad News BeersI'd Hit That via forfeit
Sat 8/25 Whitey1:00PMBad News BeersUpper Deckers
Sat 8/25 Whitey2:30PMPitchslapAstros
Sat 8/25 Whitey4:00PMGot the RunsGold Label
Sat 8/25 Whitey5:30PMI'd Hit ThatBeer View
Sat 8/25 Queensbridge12:00PMRecess RenegadesBooze on First
Sat 8/25 Queensbridge1:30PMJTFTSpear Throwers
Sat 8/25 Queensbridge3:00PMSOPSoft Balls
Sat 8/25 Queensbridge4:30PMOutkastsBrew Crew
Sunday 8/26 Whitey11:00AMSoft BallsRecess Renegades
Sunday 8/26 Whitey12:30PMSpear ThrowersBooze on First
Sunday 8/26 Whitey2:00PMBooze on FirstOutkasts