Spring Week 02 Recaps!

Week 02 | Spring 2018

Spear Throwers
Sons of Pitches


Whitey Ford field responded well to the Friday and Saturday night rain showers. All games were played as scheduled. This weekend we begin the Queens Bridge field portion of the schedule-there are two games each Saturday at Queens Bridge (3pm/4:30pm)

For Astoria Social, this is an enjoyably hectic time of the year. Kickball begins tonight and the darts winter season has just ended. With some overlap amongst the leagues, this week we’ll look back and congratulate those that had a big week on and off the field. *

Kickin’ It
The first game of the week was between the Recess Renegades and I’d Hit That. The game was close throughout, with the Renegades starting off strong with four runs in the first. I’d Hit That would chip away in the mid innings, tying the game in the bottom of the fifth. It was newcomers Mark and Jason who got the six inning rally going. You may know them from Kickball, which started last night! Jason was the Fall 2018 MVP and both will be umpiring games this season. On Saturday, they helped I’d Hit That get off to a 2-0 start with a 9-7 win.

I Know That Guy
The Spear Throwers spanked JTFT this past weekend, defeating them by the score of 17-2. Tanner added to his HR lead with an epic shot that is still in orbit. The Spears improve to 2-0. Friends of Whitey Ford Field member Dan Sullivan pitched a great game in some tough condition (the winds were blowing out) and helped keep the JTFT bats limp. Word out of the Spear Throwers dugout is he celebrated with some cut up fruit afterwards. Jason S from the Local Bar made his debut for the Spear Throwers, reaching base in every plate appearance. Many in the league are familiar with Jason from the dart circuit, and Friday night Karaoke at the Local-now you get to see him in the daylight!

From a Fan – Astros @ Pitch Slap

“Watching Pitch Slap vs. Astros was quite a phenomenal sight. Even though the [Astros] dominated the field, Pitch slap dominated in cheer and team camaraderie!” Maritza CR, Renegades

Upper Deckers @ Got the Runs

“I always enjoy playing Got the Runs and today was no different; they put a lot of pressure on us and played really solidly, especially early on. We were finally able to string together a few good hits over two innings or so to get the win. Was a nice game all around!.” Lauren B., Upper Deckers

“There are green onions in the outfield and I’m really excited. I’m going to harvest them next week and put them in my salad.” S. Kennedy, Got the Runs

Oh Mylanta!

The Tanner crew broke out the heavy lumber this past Saturday as Booze on First defeated the Soft Balls 18-2. The game was notable for its love of depositing clinchers into the river. Our Fall 2018 softball MVP (and helleva nice guy Tanner) hit two home runs and Brendan added a shot in the fourth to cap off the victory. Speaking of MVP’s, the Summer 2018 kickball MVP John Shaw made his debut with Booze on First, limiting the Soft Balls to two runs.

On Monday, the Astoria Tavern Dart Vaders won the C Division darts championship. The team is made up of all players from the Soft Balls. Megan, Chris, Lewie, Phil, Maura, Khaalid, Sherman, Rich, Jenny and Carrie have been a part of the Dart Vaders for years, and I would like to congratulate them on their first league title! Oh, and Chris K capped off the week by taking home the C Division All Star tournament last night-well done!

Fresh Start

The SOPs continued their strong season, as they defeated the Grape Dutches 12-8 this past Saturday. They batted around in the fourth, scoring 7 runs in the frame. This enabled the SOPs to start off the season 2-0. Could this be the SOPs season?

This Bud’s For You

The Brew Crew defeated the Bad News Beers by the score of 7-4 this past Saturday. The sky turned dark, with the threat of rain hanging over the conclusion of this game. Fortunately, we were able to complete the game with no stoppages. The Brew Crew looked great in the field and limited the BNB bats.

Congratulation Crossover

Let’s give a hand to Derek (Upper Deckers) and Mary D and Warren (JTFT) for winning the A Division darts league championship this past Monday at the Quays. They fell short against Daly’s last night in the B Division Wednesday night league final (with Lauren from the Upper Deckers and the Big Bauer Brand!) in the Jenn Cocchi run Local Cork league. Great job by the Blackbirds crew (SOP members Ian, Lou, Marge and Chi Chi) in taking third Place in the B Division and Kyle and Ryan from Pitchslap for helping Rockys OG finish in third in the C Division!

*Editors Note: Due to technical difficulties, some of the post game interviews were lost. We apologize to all the players who were so gracious as to give their time, and we’ll try and do better next time!