Week 5 Recaps

Week 05 | Spring 2018

Greener with the Scenery

After a late night of partying, (HBD Ian) the SOP’s continue their great season, defeating I’d Hit That by the score of 12-3 in a 10AM battle of the green. Their 4-1 record keeps them battling for a first weekend bye in the spring playoffs.

Number 5 With a Bullet

Joe Lad was hitting the ball with authority this past weekend. The result-a 15-4 win over the Designated Drinkers this past Saturday. The win keeps the Outkasts undefeated at 5-0. Most of the attention is on the Spear Throwers and Upper Deckers-and rightfully so. Those teams are stacked. But the Outkasts can play with anyone, and they are looking at a first weekend bye to the final weekend of the spring playoffs.

This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know)

The Spear Throwers continue to put up runs and play solid defense. That is without question. They defeated the Grape Dutches by the score of 13-1. What was in question was the first play of the game, in which photographic evidence showed that Chris S was safe on a close play at first. Check out @rebellensfilms on Instagram-a production company based out of Astoria-sketch comedy, web series, short film and stage shows with some very familiar Grape Dutches.

This game marked another great pitching performance from Dan Sullivan. He continues to advocate for Whitey Ford field with Neil Herdan in the Friends of Whitey Ford field volunteer group. If you have any ideas on how to make Whitey Ford the “Cradle of Astoria” he’s all ears. And while you’re at it-let him know that you can’t mix fruit salad with olives, peppers and cucumbers.

No News is Bad News

The Upper Deckers shut out the Bad News Beers by the score of 9-0 in the 1pm Saturday game. They have allowed an average of three runs per game over the first five games of the spring season. A big thanks to Jason Lui for umping, as he did the 1pm and 6:45 at Whitey, played in the 2:30, and went to Queensbridge and umped the 4:30game. Nice work!

Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This {Post} So We Wouldn’t Get Sued

In the Saturday nightcap at Whitey, the Brew Crew erased an early two run deficit by putting up five runs in the third inning and they never looked back. They defeated Pitchslap by the final of 12-7.

You’re So Last Summer

The Astros looked like the team that went to two finals in 2017 with a 4-3 victory. Three of their runs came in the third inning. They improved to 4-1 with the win.

As by Unlikely Friends

Just the Foul Tip defeated Got the Runs by the score of 7-4. After giving up 4 runs in the first inning, they played six innings of solid defense. The win leaves both teams at 3-2. Got the Runs have been playing some great team softball. And their walk up music is top notch.


“I think we played really strong defense. It was really hot. It was a good game, had decent offense and I think we are really gelling as a team now so, it’s going well.” Samantha L., Beer View Mirrors

“I’m encouraged that with a short bench, that we kept it close. Haven’t quite got to playing the way we should be, but we’re getting there.” Sherman C., Soft Balls

“We started out strong and then it got to us. The sun, the heat. It was a great game!”  Laura C., Renegades

“Fun game, fun people. Always good to come and play, have some fun. Nice sunny day.” Christian P., Booze on First