Week 7 Recaps

Week 07 | Spring 2018


One week remaining in the 2018 spring regular season. As indicated on Faceboook, we have begun the summer softball signup process. You can go to our website and signup.

Admittingly, I have had some A+ material over the past few weeks in the kickball newsletter. So let’s try and get my newsletter writeups on par with each other. 

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Everyone’s favorite sub Jason Lui was the difference this past weekend, as he hit a walk off home run in the bottom of the eighth inning to lead the Beer View Mirrors to an 8-7 win over Just the Foul Tip. As legend goes, he was just “checking to make sure I had an ump” and ended up being called into action with a last minute no show for the Beer View Mirrors. A big thanks to Michele for helping me out in officiating this game this past weekend. If you are free Thursday, come check out the Astoria Social version of the “Mega Powers explode” as the Black Mambas (led by Oscar) take on Maroon 5 + 11 (led by John Minchala) with a kickball playoff spot on the line. Oscar is definitely Savage.

“I Hate You, We Break Up, You Call Me, I Love You”

Forfeit fever was rampant this past weekend, as the Spear Throwers could not field a team this past Saturday. As a result they took a forfeit loss to the Upper Deckers. The Designated Drinkers also could not field as team for their 3pm matchup with the Beer View Mirrors. However, they were able to switch weeks with the Recess Renegades, who have a team wedding next week and couldn’t play the Bad News Beers next week. The result: Agina for Warren. (j/k) Two non forfeits for the league. The Recess Renegades defeated the Bad News Beers by the final of 11-4. A big thanks to my man Joey Donuts for umping and bringing the bases to the field, as I had a wedding in Jersey.

So Long and Good BYE

The Sons of Pitches improved to 5-1 with a big win over Got the Runs this past weekend, moving closer to wrapping up a top six finish and a bye to the final weekend. They defeated Got the Runs by the score of 24-10. Thanks to Jon Weinblatt for umpiring, as I couldn’t be at the game. Danny from the SOPs told me during trivia (cheap plug: 8pm, Tuesdays, ZBar, @astoria_social_trivia ) that he hit a three run home run. Way to go Danny!


They begin a week from Saturday. If you are not in the top 6 of the league, you will be playing either Saturday or Sunday. The format will be similar to the fall season. The winner of both the Saturday and Sunday playoff will move on to the final weekend of playoffs (July 7th) as the seventh and eighth seed. Dates/times/matchups will be announced Sunday afternoon.