Winter 2018 Standings

Below are the standings for the 2018 Winter season of cornhole! The top 8 teams will make the playoffs, which will take place on Sunday, March 25th. **Within each division, all teams play each other once. Standings/seeding is based on a) sets won, b) matches won, and then if still tied c) head to head tiebreaker.

Team NameSets WonSets LostMatches won
Cornhole Corkers (Team 5)602
Banan's Melting Cornhole (Team 2)331
Team 1331
The Plastics (Team 4)241
Katch Me if You Can (Team 6)241
Team 3240
Team NameSets WonSets LostMatches won
Game of Throws (Team 11)512
Mother Shuckers (Team 8)421
Team 9421
Team 12241
Team 10241
Team 7150