Summer 2018 Kickball Schedule

7/126:30 PMABlack MambasBlue Ballers10-3
7/127:30 PMAGood Will Bunting Mighty Morphin' Sower Rangers11-13
7/127:30 PM BBig Bauer BrandLime Time 9-3
7/128:30 PMAThe Cooler Team Booze N' Blues 13-1
7/128:30 PMBPitches Be CrazyNight of the Living Red18-3
7/196:30 PMALime TimePitches Be Crazy4-19
7/197:30 PM AMighty Morphin' Sower RangersBlack Mambas4-10
7/197:30 PM BNight of the Living RedGood Will Bunting 2-8
7/198:30 PMABlue BallersBooze N' Blues20-1
7/198:30 PMBThe Cooler TeamBig Bauer Brand 12-11
7/266:30 PMABig Bauer BrandMighty Morphin' Sower Rangers 1-8
7/267:30 PM AGood Will BuntingBlue Ballers4-3
7/267:30 PM BBooze N' BluesLime Time3-2
7/268:30 PMAPitches Be CrazyThe Cooler Team 16-2
7/268:30 PMBBlack MambasNight of the Living Red7-2
8/26:30 PMABooze N' BluesGood Will Bunting3-17
8/27:30 PM ALime TimeBlack Mambas9-12
8/27:30 PM BBlue BallersMighty Morphin' Sower Rangers4-3
8/28:30 PMAPitches Be CrazyBig Bauer Brand 5-7
8/28:30 PMBThe Cooler TeamNight of the Living Red9-19
8/96:30 PMABlack MambasPitches Be Crazy 7-7
8/97:30 PM ANight of the Living RedBooze N' Blues15-0
8/97:30 PM BGood Will BuntingBig Bauer Brand2-7
8/98:30 PMAMighty Morphin' Sower RangersThe Cooler Team19-8
8/98:30 PMBLime TimeBlue Ballers 4-5
8/166:30 PMABig Bauer BrandNight of the Living Red
8/167:30 PM AMighty Morphin' Sower RangersLime Time
8/167:30 PM BBooze N' BluesPitches Be Crazy
8/168:30 PMABlue BallersThe Cooler Team
8/168:30 PMBGood Will BuntingBlack Mambas
8/236:30 PMALime TimeGood Will Bunting
8/237:30 PM ANight of the Living RedBlue Ballers
8/237:30 PM BPitches Be CrazyMighty Morphin' Sower Rangers
8/238:30 PMABig Bauer BrandBooze N' Blues
8/238:30 PMBThe Cooler TeamBlack Mambas
8/306:30 PMA4th Seed 5th Seed
8/307:30 PMA1st SeedWinner of 6:30 Game
8/307:30 PM B2nd Seed3rd Seed
8/308:30 PM AWinner of 7:30 Court AWinner of 7:30 Court B