Summer 2019 Kickball Schedule

For the Summer 2019 season, the playoffs will expand to encompass three weeks of kickball action.  The league will have two divisions of eight teams.  All teams will be seeded based upon their overall record.  The winner of each division will be the (1) and (2) seed, dependent on record.

The first week of playoffs will consist of seeds (16) through (9) in single elimination play.  Two teams will move on to the next week of playoffs, which will take place the following Thursday.  That night will consist of the two teams from the first week, and seeds (8) through (5).  At the conclusion of play, one team will remain and move on to the final week of playoffs

(Championship Night)
The format will be:
6:30: (5) seed (winner of the previous week) vs (4) seed.
7:30: winner of the previous game vs (1) seed; (3) vs (2) seed
8:30: Championship match.

The seeding will be dependent on record, with the first tiebreaker being head to head, and the second tiebreaker being runs against.  In the event of a tie amongst records in the different divisions, overall seed in division will determine the higher seed (i.e 8-2, second in division A would be higher than 8-2, third in Division b)

5/96:00 PMABig Black Kicks (Black)Purple Reign 10-0
5/96:00 PM BThe Orange Team (Maroon)Pitches Be Crazy (Pink)6-0
5/97:00 PM ASaved By The Balls (Silver)Lime Time 0-2
5/97:00 PM BUnsolicited Kick Pics (Gold) Warrior$ (Neon Yellow) 6-8
5/98:00 PM ANight of the Living RedBlue Ballers (Navy)1-11
5/98:00 PM BGood Will Bunting (Dark Green)Rainballers (Tye-Dye)9-8
5/99:00 PM AThe Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)Big Kick Energy (White)3-4
5/99:00 PM BRWS (Tan) Aquaballics (Light Blue)4-21
5/166:00 PMARWS (Tan)Warrior$ (Neon Yellow)2-13
5/166:00 PMBThe Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)Saved By The Balls (Silver)19-13
5/167:00 PMAPitches Be Crazy (Pink)Good Will Bunting (Dark Green)8-3
5/167:00 PMBPurple Reign Night of the Living Red14-5
5/168:00 PM ARainballers (Tye-Dye) Aquaballics (Light Blue) 13-5
5/168:00 PM BBig Kick Energy (White)Blue Ballers (Navy) 11-13
5/169:00 PM AUnsolicited Kick Pics (Gold) The Orange Team (Maroon)9-22
5/169:00 PM BLime Time Big Black Kicks (Black)0-8
5/236:00 PM ANight of the Living Red Lime Time12-17
5/236:00 PM BGood Will Bunting (Dark Green) Unsolicited Kick Pics (Gold)W-L (forfeit)
5/237:00 PM ABig Black Kicks (Black)The Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)11-12
5/237:00 PM BThe Orange Team (Maroon) RWS (Tan)20-0
5/238:00 PM APurple Reign Big Kick Energy (White)15-8
5/238:00 PM BPitches Be Crazy (Pink)Aquaballics4-7
5/239:00 PM ASaved By The Balls (Silver)Blue Ballers (Navy) 6-26
5/239:00 PM BWarrior$ (Neon Yellow) Rainballers (Tye-Dye)2-18
5/306:00 PM AWarrior$ (Neon Yellow) Pitches Be Crazy (Pink)4-20
5/306:00 PM BSaved By The Balls (Silver) Purple Reign W-L (forfeit)
5/307:00 PM ARainballers (Tye-Dye) The Orange Team (Maroon)10-12
5/307:00 PM BAquaballics (Light Blue) Unsolicited Kick Pics (Gold) 31-12
5/308:00 PM ABlue Ballers (Navy)Big Black Kicks (Black)2-13
5/308:00 PM BLime TimeBig Kick Energy (White) 19-15
5/309:00 PMARWS (Tan) Good Will Bunting (Dark Green)L-W (forfeit)
5/309:00 PM BThe Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)Night of the Living Red 19-18
6/66:00 PM AThe Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)Blue Ballers (Navy) 3-15
6/66:00 PM BRWS (Tan) Rainballers (Tye-Dye) 3-15
6/67:00 PM ANight of the Living RedSaved By The Balls (Silver) 7-9
6/67:00 PM BGood Will Bunting (Dark Green) Warrior$ (Neon Yellow) 13-8
6/68:00 PM ALime TimePurple Reign 7-4
6/68:00 PM BUnsolicited Kick Pics (Gold)Pitches Be Crazy (Pink) 7-24
6/69:00 PM ABig Kick Energy (White)Big Black Kicks (Black)2-25
6/69:00 PM BAquaballics (Light Blue) The Orange Team (Maroon) 9-8
6/136:00 PM AGood Will Bunting (Dark Green) Aquaballics (Light Blue) 9-3
6/136:00 PM BNight of the Living RedBig Kick Energy (White) 14-15
6/137:00 PM AUnsolicited Kick Pics (Gold) RWS (Tan) 10-4
6/137:00 PM BLime TimeThe Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)18-10
6/138:00 PM AWarrior$ (Neon Yellow) The Orange Team (Maroon) W-L (forfeit)
6/138:00 PM BSaved By The Balls (Silver) Big Black Kicks (Black)3-4
6/139:00 PM APitches Be Crazy (Pink) Rainballers (Tye-Dye) 1-4
6/139:00 PM BBlue Ballers (Navy) Purple Reign 13-15
6/20 6:00 PM ABlue Ballers (Navy) Lime Time 17-21
6/20 6:00 PM BRainballers (Tye-Dye)Unsolicited Kick Pics (Gold) W-L (forfeit)
6/20 7:00 PM APurple Reign The Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)33-5
6/20 7:00 PM BPitches Be Crazy (Pink)RWS (Tan) W-L (forfeit)
6/20 8:00 PM ABig Black Kicks (Black)Night of the Living Red 17-0
6/20 8:00 PM BThe Orange Team (Maroon)Good Will Bunting (Dark Green) 28-21
6/20 9:00 PM ABig Kick Energy (White)Saved By The Balls (Silver) 16-8
6/20 9:00 PM BAquaballics (Light Blue)Warrior$ (Neon Yellow) 19-9
6/276:00 PM ABig Kick Energy (White) Aquaballics (Light Blue) 4-13
6/276:00 PM BBig Black Kicks (Black)The Orange Team (Maroon)W-L (forfeit)
6/277:00 PM APurple Reign Pitches Be Crazy (Pink)4-19
6/277:00 PM BThe Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)RWS (Tan) 20-5
6/278:00 PM ABlue Ballers (Navy)Rainballers (Tye-Dye) 7-14
6/278:00 PM BSaved By The Balls (Silver) Warrior$ (Neon Yellow) 19-11
6/279:00 PM ANight of the Living Red Good Will Bunting (Dark Green) L-W (forfeit)
6/279:00 PM BLime Time Unsolicited Kick Pics (Gold)22-7
7/116:00 PM APink (Pitches Be Crazy) The Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)
7/116:00 PM BPurple Reign RWS (Tan)
7/117:00 PM AGood Will Bunting (Dark Green)Saved By The Balls (Silver)
7/117:00 PM BWarrior$ (Neon Yellow) Night of the Living Red
7/118:00 PMABig Black Kicks (Black)Unsolicited Kick Pics (Gold)
7/118:00 PM BThe Orange Team (Maroon)Lime Time
7/119:00 PM AAquaballics (Light Blue) Blue Ballers (Navy)
7/119:00 PM BRainballers (Tye-Dye)Big Kick Energy (White)
7/18 6:00 PMAWarrior$ (Neon Yellow) Lime Time6-17
7/186:00 PM BUnsolicited Kick Pics (Gold) Saved By The Balls (Silver) W-L (forfeit)
7/187:00 PM ABlue Ballers (Navy)Pitches Be Crazy (Pink) 4-19
7/187:00 PM BRainballers (Tye-Dye) Purple Reign 4-1
7/188:00 PM ABig Kick Energy (White) RWS (Tan)21-18
7/188:00 PM BAquaballics (Light Blue)The Enemy Always Loses (T.E.A.L.)7-5
7/189:00 PM ABig Black Kicks (Black)Good Will Bunting (Dark Green)10-5
7/189:00 PM BThe Orange Team (Maroon)Night of the Living Red 17-6