Congratulations to our Season One Champions, Team "GinSanity"

Congratulations to our Season One Champions, Team “GinSanity”

We started out first season of weekly pub trivia on 2/26/15, and continued for seven weeks on Thursday nights at Sissy McGintys.  During the season, we had five different teams take home the weekly top prize.  Congrats to Team “GinSanity” for winning our first season!  They took home movie tickets and individual gift cards to Tri Boro Beverage in Astoria!  Thank you to everyone who played our first season.


Team NameWeeks WonTotal Points
Marge in Charge2497.5
I Hate Everyone and Pants1382
Quizzed of Oz347.5
The Brain Trust301
Double Stuffed Oreo1255.5
Whore Ads for $600247.5
Not Regina from Horror Story97
The Beliebers97
A Fish Called Wanda Sykes157.5
My Name is not F'N Warren57
Butt Buttons48.5
Astoria Plays with Balls46
Balls to the Wall37
Two Jews Walk into a Bar36.5
Antsy Balls36
I thought this was Speed Dating29
Not Recovering from the Weekend27
MC Hammas22.5
The Tippesters16.5