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ZBar trivia starts this Tuesday!

Our second run of trivia at ZBar starts this Tuesday night at 8pm! Like last season, ZBar will give out a $50 gift certificate to the winning team, $25 to our second place finishers, and a free round of drinks to the team that finishes in 3rd! Each week, teams will be given a scoresheet, Astoria Social trivia pens to keep, and 8 Cards Against Humanities ... More

SIssy McGintys-week 2-One Hit Wonders

January 28th Our second week of trivia came on the heels of one of the largest snowstorms in NY history! And what did we ask about the snowstorm in our current events round: Mark Ruffalo losing his wallet and cellphone! This week we took in a few suggestions as to round topics. Our music round was "One Hit Wonders of the 2000's," as suggested by ... More

Sissy McGintys trivia week 1-Let’s Dance!!

January 21st marked the return of Thursday night trivia! Our winter season of Astoria Social trivia kicked off in style! Not only do we have new prizes, but we will feature different beer promotions on Thursdays throughout the season! Our first week back featured a Lagunitas beer promotion, with giveaways that included Lagunitas shirts, hats, flags, ... More

TRIVIA TUESDAYS @ Z Bar in Astoria!

We are very pleased to announce that we will be starting up a weekly free Tuesday trivia night at Z Bar each and every Tuesday at 8pm! The format will be very similar to our weekly Thursday night game: a current events round, followed by three rounds including our audio and photo round! The bar has some great drink specials, including $2 Jell-O shots! ... More

Week 8 recap-“Thanks and Giving”

This was our final trivia of 2015. Next Thursday nights is Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. We will return in January 2016...but not before we had a special "Thanksgiving" themed trivia night! Our rounds for the night were as follows: -Current events round (entertainment only) -For France -Audio-Songs of Thanks and Giving -All ... More

Week 7 recap-“Gang Green”

The choice of theme for this week was an obvious one-the return of Rex Ryan to Metlife on the visiting sideline provided a great backdrop to our weekly trivia night. The rounds for this past week were: -Current events -worksheet round: "Who Said it?" -inventions -Audio-Gang Green -Photo round: "Be My Baby" for the second round, we gave all ... More