What to expect

Our night will begin at 7:30PM-we will make all introductory announcements and begin our first round.  Questions for the entire round are read and will be repeated upon request.  Thereafter, teams will be given the duration of two songs to fill in their answers and submit their score sheets for grading.  Score sheets will be returned, and scores will be read aloud.  This process will continue throughout, with our photo round given out at the beginning of round 2 and collected prior to the final round.  Trivia nights should not exceed 2 hours.

On trivia Thursdays, we will give out hints for our categories on social media in the AM.  We will also ask for suggestions for rounds and topics, and will provide sample trivia questions and categories on Facebook and twitter.  Cheating will not be tolerated.  We will place bins on each table for cell phones to be placed during rounds.

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