ZBar trivia starts this Tuesday!

Our second run of trivia at ZBar starts this Tuesday night at 8pm! Like last season, ZBar will give out a $50 gift certificate to the winning team, $25 to our second place finishers, and a free round of drinks to the team that finishes in 3rd!
Each week, teams will be given a scoresheet, Astoria Social trivia pens to keep, and 8 Cards Against Humanities cards. At the conclusion of each round, our lovely bartender Meaghan will pull a phrase, and the best response will receive a bonus half point to their score.
ZBar now serves food! You can order food while playing our free weekly trivia game! Categories and themes for trivia will vary each week. Our games consist of a Current Events round, a music round, (audio) a photo round, and two other themed rounds that vary each week.

***ZBar is located at 26-12 Hoyt Ave South, a quick walk from the N/Q Astoria Blvd. train stop. Their kitchen is open until 11PM***

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